Grain Farmer

Grain Farmer

Operating out of Lake Lillian, Minnesota, Hanson Silo is a trusted name in the agriculture industry, providing grain farming equipment to clients across the United States and Canada.

Our range of solutions for grain farmers include:

A Trusted Partner of Grain Farmers

For more than 100 years, Hanson Silo has made a name for itself by creating flexible, strong, and cost-effective on-farm grain storage bunkers, which can be modified to come in round, oval, rectangular, and even hybrid configurations. We provide you with the freedom to choose between five-, six-, eight-, 10-, or 12-foot high panels, in either L or T shapes.

Safe and Reliable Transportation of Combine Heads

Hanson Silo also offers a wide range of header transport solutions in different sizes, making it easy to move a variety of combine heads swiftly and safely on highways. Our trailers are designed to keep heads well away from the ground, allowing fast and easy storage in buildings. Our header trailers are powder-coated for maximum durability and can be configured with LED taillights and two-heel or four-wheel options.

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