Header Transports

Available in a range of sizes, including ST, HT and LT, Hanson’s Header Transports make it easy to haul a variety of combine heads safely on the highway. Our trailers will keep the heads off the ground as well as allow you to store them in buildings. We have 2-wheel and 4-wheel options. All of our trailers are powder coated for maximum durability to weather conditions and have the option of adding LED taillights, in addition to other features.

ST Series Header Transports

Stomper Transports (ST) Series Standard Features Include:

  • Stock stomper acceptance
  • Fully adjustable top bar up and down, in and out
  • Powder coat paint finish (Black is standard)
  • Heavy wall 6” x 12” frame
  • 7k Torsion Flex Tandem axles with brakes
  • 10-ply trailer tires, 16”
  • Adjustable axle spacing
  • LED tail lights, 7-pole plug
  • 2 integrated ratchet straps
  • Extendable tongue with quick latch and safety chains
  • Poly front fenders

For information on our other 2-wheel and 4-wheel trailers, click here.

HT Series Header Transports

HT Series 4-Wheel Models Include:

  • Extended hitches (standard)
  • Light kits (optional)
  • Small wheels (optional)
  • Sizes: 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’
LT Series Header Transports

LT Series trailers Include:

  • Universal model on 4” x 8” x ¼” beam and ST225-R15
  • 8-ply radial tires and pickup heads
  • Powder coat paint finish (Black is standard)
  • Sizes: 20’, 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’