Conveyor Belt Feeders

Feed Your Herd More Efficiently With Our Cattle Feed Conveyors

Belt Conveyor

Provides efficiency and performance for today’s farms. Available in a variety of belt textures (smooth and textured) and widths, including 14”, 18”, 24”, 36” and 48”, as well as many accessories to fit your needs. Features an industrial gear box drive system is designed to last longer with less maintenance. The large diameter lagged drive pulley offers slip-proof traction. Reversible to convey in either direction.

Valmetal Conveyor and Feeder Kit

feeder kit

Valmetal’s feeder kit can be put on 14″, 18″ or 24″ belt conveyors to allow for feeding. This unit can be adapted to any feed set up. Pair this with an Autoration system and stationary mixer and have easy automated feeding.

14″ volume belt center charge feeder


Getting your cows fed is one job that just can’t wait. The Valmetal VM-250 feeder is a proven performer, trusted by generations of dairymen to deliver feed with maximum reliability.

Feeders up to 250 feet long run on only 2 HP, making the feeder the most energy efficient choice while the quiet operation is appreciated by cows and owners alike.

Center Charge Feeder

Big Square Bale Conveyor

Part of an automatic feeding system, this conveyor is designed to slowly carry big square bales. They type of conveyor is compatible to feed a big bale chopper, such as a bale processor or a vertical mixer.


24″ regulator conveyor

Best conveyor ever to regulate the flow of your feeding. Ideal for feeder conveyors, silent and low maintenance. Ideal to transfer from a mixer. Study components for low maintenance. Made of 14 gauge stainless steel.


Chain Conveyor 9″ or 11 1/2″

Chain Conveyors have been a staple of farms for years. Valmetal’s chain conveyors are simple, efficient, and reliable. These have many different options, call for more information.