Misc. Bulk Storage

Bunkers for Various Materials

Hanson can help reduce the hassle of storing bulk commodities.

Hanson’s bunker panels are used to store a diverse range of by-products. From excavated soil fines in Manhattan to commercial asphalt road companies reclaiming asphalt from old Midwestern roads, there aren’t many bulk storage markets we have not touched. Hanson Silo precast concrete walls can be found everywhere, including feed mills, seed storage facilities and coal manufacturers. For some of these applications, we can convert an old building on your property into a newly configured storage building. This saves you money and brings life and function to an underused pole barn or shed.

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Utilizing Hanson’s handy Bunker Builder Planning Tool will help determine a bulk storage configuration to fit your needs.

Miscellaneous Bulk Storage Examples

Hanson Silo precast panels can be arranged to fit your bulk storage needs.

Seed Storage

Hanson’s precast panels are used in numerous bulk storage markets, including seed storage. A project we recently completed for a seed company utilized an existing building to store bulk Edible Bean seed. This is only one example of many different applications for Hanson’s precast bunker walls. Our bunkers are easy enough to set up on your own, to save you even more money.


  • Cattle
  • Poultry
  • Hogs
  • By-products
  • Road Kill

Benefits of Composting

  • Composting allows immediate year-round disposal of carcasses to prevent the spread of disease.
  • There is no entry of off-farm vehicles that can bring disease onto the farm from other operations.
  • High temperatures in the compost pile kill pathogens.
Environmentally Sound
  • A properly functioning compost pile gives off little odor and does not harm or affect groundwater.
  • Composting turns waste into beneficial fertilizer and soil amendment, resulting in on-farm nutrient recycling.
Cost Effective
  • Composting has low to moderate start-up costs and minimal operating costs. Plus, the NRCS EQIP may pay up to 75% of project costs. Visit your county NRCS to learn more.
Easy to Accomplish
  • Composting requires only good management and minimal training.
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