Flexibility for Future Expansion

Hanson’s experienced team can help plan shed configuration.

Hanson Silo precast bunker panels make building commodity sheds both easy and effective for current needs and flexible for future needs. Here are suggested questions to consider when planning your commodity shed:

  • Do you want several small bays or a few large ones?
  • What exactly are my needs?
  • What are my needs going to be in 5 years?

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Precast Concrete Panels for Commodity Sheds

Hanson’s high strength, self-consolidating concrete assures the highest quality for your product storage.


Below are additional pointers to help you better determine your commodity storage needs. Our sales team, comprised of more than 115 years of cumulative experience, is ready to help you plan your shed.

  • Slope bays outward and peak the roof past the walls so rain and snow melt don’t flow into the storage bays.
  • Pour the optional concrete floors after the precast walls have been set. This prevents water from leaking into an adjacent bay when cleaning between loads. It also saves a great deal of concrete due to the wall panels having built-in footings on the T design. Ultimately, this equates to less yards to buy from the ready-mix plant.
  • Design the commodity shed to have two more bins than you think you need. This allows you to rotate feeds, clean bins between loads and pre-mix commodities, if desired.
  • If your system is getting too costly, leave those two bins out and they can easily be added later.
  • Slope the concrete apron in front of the bays away from the bays.
  • Include a bay for dry rolling or processing grain as well as grinding hay.
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