Landscape & Recreation

Landscape and Recreation

With more than 100 years of experience with precast concrete, Hanson Silo prides itself for building superior precast solutions for landscape and recreation applications.

From retaining walls and landscaping projects, to shooting ranges and picnic tables, our precast concrete products are ideal for a wide variety of markets and industries. Hanson Silo is also an official distributor of Redneck Hunting Blinds, providing you solutions for all your outdoor recreation needs.

Our range of concrete solutions for landscape and recreation applications includes:

Custom Concrete Solutions for Landscaping and Recreational Use

Hanson Silo is capable of producing custom orders, from straight, curved, and hybrid-style walls with attractive textured faces, to picnic tables and benches in different finishes and configurations. Let us know what you need and we’ll work on getting it done for you.

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