Tower Silo

Tower Silo

Since 1916, Hanson Silo has been in the business of designing and building superior silo products for our clients across North America. For over 100 years and four generations, the Hanson Silo named has been involved in the agriculture industry, representing quality, economy, and dependability.

From top to bottom, Hanson Silo does it all. We provide roofs, distributors, hexapods or tripods, cable, fill pipe, chute, ladder, stave repair, replastering or relining, doors, footing, and straightening of old silos.

Our range of tower silo solutions and services includes:

Full-scale Silo Repair Services

Hanson Silo also offers full-scale repair services, which includes installing replacement doors and re-plastering an existing silo to knock downs or tear downs.

If you have an old bottom unloading silo giving you issues, we can convert your bottom unloader to a top unloader with our proprietary steel or concrete conversion kit. This will allow you to ensile at a higher moisture content to improve and preserve feed quality, thereby eliminating the high cost of bottom unloading problems.

Full-scale Silo Design and Installation

If you have a custom project idea, Hanson’s experts can help with the design and installation of your project. We can even add a cellular antenna to your tower silo to improve your property’s cellular capabilities for less money per vertical-foot than a conventional metal tower.

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