Beef & Dairy Storage

Reduce Spoilage, Save Space

An excellent solution for livestock farms.

Hanson Silo is a manufacturer and distributor of storage, feeding, construction, and housing systems for beef and dairy applications. Our storage solutions are designed to house animals and store feed safely and securely, allowing you to reduce spoilage and loss and save space, all from a single one-time investment.

Our range of solutions for beef and dairy applications include:

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Storage and Feed Systems

Hanson’s precast concrete walls are perfect for outdoor storage as they have a long life-cycle and are very low maintenance.


Hanson Silo also provides a full range of feeding systems and farm equipment, including automatic feeding machines, self-loading mixer feeders, stationary and trailer TMR mixers, and complete robotic feeding systems.

At Hanson Silo, we have built our reputation on providing energy-efficient and high-quality solutions for livestock farms around the country. We ship our full range of products from our headquarters in Lake Lillian, Minnesota all across the United States and Canada. Whether you have a large 100,000-head feed lot, or a small hobby farm, we will provide the best solutions according to our clients’ needs. Get in touch with Hanson Silo for a free quotation of our beef and dairy solutions and systems.

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