Motorized Carts- Easy Feeding for Dairy Farms


Feed Cart

Motorized Feeding Cart – Supercart

Designed to facilitate the chore of feeding. Features six ply tires, heavy-duty pintle apron and conveyor changes, high quality mechanical components, two hydraulic motors and an anti-vibration motor base. Available in four models of discharge; CC (left or right chain conveyor), HT (High auger discharge), VA (Right unloading discharge)

Sizes available:

  • 525 (32 cu.ft./0,9 m³) for 5.5Hp
  • 530 (38,5 cu.ft./1 m³) for 5.5Hp
  • 542 (54 cu.ft./1,5 m³) for 5.5Hp
  • 960 (77 cu.ft./2,1 m³) for 9Hp
  • 975 (96 cu.ft./2,7 m³) for 9Hp

Supercart brochure

Bedding Cart


The modern way to spread bedding. Fully welded frame and body for more rigidity to withstand tough conditions. 2- or 4-drive wheels, depending on the model. Unloading auger is located at the rear end of the cart, closer to the driver for easier visual access. Two models available.


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