Precast Grain Aeration Trench

Time and Labor Savings

Grain building construction gets a boost with Hanson innovation.

Hanson Silo Company has been making precast concrete since 1916. This experience has led to new developments and enhancements to the building of bulk storage units. Recently, Hanson introduced a precast concrete aeration tunnel that will save time and labor at construction sites for flat storage grain buildings.


  • Available in heights up to 16 inches and widths up to 48 inches.
  • Manufactured using a world-class semi-automated drycast concrete machine.
  • Up to 1,300 linear feet of tunnel can be manufactured each day.
  • Each precast tunnel can be 30-48 inches wide with an inlay for steel grating and screen.

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Precast Concrete Aeration Tunnels

Hanson’s precast tunnels are manufactured using world-class machinery, assuring the highest quality.

Arduous Task Eliminated

“The alternative to a precast concrete aeration tunnel is a cast-in-place concrete air tunnel, which requires thousands of feet of forming by hand,” says Director of Business Development Mike Hanson. “It also takes up weeks of valuable site time. With our precast concrete aeration tunnel, all the lead time can be used in our yard, and the aeration tunnel can be set up in a day of site time.”

“Creating a cast-in-place air tunnel is one of the most arduous tasks in constructing a flat storage grain building. Our precast concrete aeration tunnel saves customers time and labor,” he adds.

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