Easy Rake®

Our Patented Silage Defacer is Simple and Effective

Hanson Silo owns the patent for Easy Rake® silage facer originally developed by Riverview LLP. Engineered by dairymen who grew tired of conventional silage facers, the Easy Rake is designed to be long-lasting and maintenance free. The Easy Rake is manufactured by Hanson Silo and is made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in the industry. It has no moving parts, hoses to attach or motors to replace, ultimately saving you time and reducing maintenance costs while preserving particle length.

Rotary Silage defacers can be frustrating! Bearings go out, chains and tighteners need to be replaced, motors and sprockets give out and invariably someone forgets to unhook the hydraulic hoses. Moving teeth also grind the silage particles into smaller pieces. These are the primary reasons the Easy Rake® silage facer was designed and patented. There are no moving parts to maintain, hoses to attach or motors to replace.

PATENTS: #7,588,203, #8,011,608, #8,336,795

Why face your bunker/pile?

  • Eliminate pile undermining
  • Reduce spoilage
  • Reduce dry matter loss
  • Blend forage before the feed mixer
  • Break up large chunks
  • Remove only what is needed for that day
  • Seal out oxygen
Premium Quality Feed

Why choose Easy Rake®?

  • No hoses to hook up
  • Safe and maintenance free
  • Greatly reduces facing time
  • Works great on any pile
  • Designed by dairymen
  • Easy to ship and no assembly required
  • No moving parts
  • 1-year limited warranty