Hanson Silo Precast Concrete

Custom Configurations Available

Hanson has bunker solutions for large or small projects.

Hanson’s engineered precast concrete panels are one of the most cost effective, large or small volume storage systems available. They’re produced in a controlled plant environment for exceptional quality and uniformity, and their modular construction allows for changing configurations.

Numerous industries have already taken advantage of Hanson’s concrete bunker solutions, including those in Grain, Silage, Salt and Sand, Animal Carcasses, Composting, Recycling/Scrap Metal, Aggregate, Coal/Power Plants, Landscaping/Nursery, Animal Food (livestock, domestic, zoo), Granular Fertilizer, Rendering/By-product, Noise Barrier/Privacy Fence, Retaining Walls and Building Foundations.

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Hanson Silo Company is a member of the NPCA and centrally located in Minnesota. We are able to ship our modular walls as far as New Jersey, Alabama, California and Saskatchewan. In addition, Hanson’s handy Bunker Builder Planning Tool can help you determine your perfect storage configuration.

Precast Concrete for Many Applications

Hanson Silo produces their panels in a controlled environment for unparalleled quality.

Durable Cattle Feed Bunks

There are several reasons Hanson’s fence line J bunk feeder is the most versatile fenceline you’ll find on the market, from cow or calf operations, feeders and stockers to finishers at feed lots. Click to learn more about Hanson’s Concrete Feed Bunks.

A Single Confinement Solution

Hanson’s cattle confinement building and precast concrete feed bunk is the all-in-one solution for many cattle producers. It provides an efficient use of space and allows you to expand upon it over time. Click to learn more about Hanson’s Concrete Feed Bunks and Cattle Confinement installations.

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