Versatile Panel Sizes

Precast retaining wall panels can be used in many situations.

Hanson precast concrete panels are an economical, aesthetically pleasing and durable solution for highway, residential and commercial applications. We can provide walls in the following sizes:

  • 5′ T Panel
  • 8’6″ T Panel
  • 10′ T Panel
  • 12′ T Panel
  • 6′ L Panel
  • 8′ L Panel
  • 12′ L Panel

The range of barrier panels accommodates for a change in grade or to fill holdbacks. Our concrete panels don’t require footings; the weight of the dirt anchors the panels in place.

Precast concrete panels also work great as backstop walls for activities such as lacrosse, handball and racquetball.

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Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Hanson Silo T and L precast concrete panels can be used for a wide range of barriers.

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