From Hanson Silo Customers

Below are testimonials from our clients about our quality precast concrete products, silo conversion kits, storage options, feed bunks, and much more.

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We had your company install two Hanson Steel Conversion Kits on our blue steel Structures. We weren’t sure at the time if we were doing the right thing, but now are very comfortable with our decision. One of the biggest advantages we can already see is the lower maintenance costs. Our original system was very expensive to keep up. We also find that the consistent feed quality is much better than we had imagined. We are very happy with the conversion kits and have recommended them to many of our neighbors.”

Duane McIntyre
McIntyre – Pyle Seed Farms
Casselton, ND

We are very happy with our decision to convert our 25 x 80 blue steel to top unloading. We have dramatically reduced our unloader maintenance costs and feeding time by going to a top unloading system. We really appreciate the ease of operation of the Hanson Mega Trac unloader, and our feed quality has improved because we can fill at a higher moisture content now.”

Rick and Terry Plank
Elm Grove Farms
Mondoui, WI


We purchased and installed Extron Ground Pile Monitors in three piles at our Ruthton, MN, site this fall. The wireless, web-based system allows us to monitor temperatures deep within our grain piles and better manage these assets. The system warned us of a possible problem in our 750,000-bushel soy bean pile and gave us the opportunity to open up the pile and cool down the product. It gives us confidence to take advantage of additional carry and sleep better at night.”

Joel Wiering
Assistant Grain Department Manager
CHS Ruthton, MN


My bunkers pay for themselves every other year by saving against spoiled feed and dry matter loss.”

Jim Anderson


I was a bit scared of those automatic computer controlled systems. After they demonstrated how simple it is and all the safety features and alternatives, I felt more confident. Besides saving us precious hours, the accuracy of the system carries on more stability to the cows and increased milk production.”

Duane, Rachel, Chelsea & Cody Hoffman
Woodel Holsteins Farms
Lowville, Lewis Country, NY


The forage packer on my 3-point saved one third of the time. The pack is tighter than it used to be, because you are packing the full width every time and you have the full weight on your wheels too. The pile stays level. Without it you get somewhat of a hump in between. As the HMC dries out it won’t roll as well, it’s got to be in the 30%s. In silage and earlage, it packs well by driving up and backing off and by pushing up and packing down at the same time. I can keep up with 3 trucks and a new 880 Claas with 6 row head. It has cut his packing time in about a third. I’ll never pack without the roller again.”

Glen, MN


I wanted to take a second and thank you for getting the panels made and delivered us. Your 2 guys did an outstanding job with the conditions they were dealing with yesterday. Our transfer station is a super busy place and we had to keep running through the install. Your guys stayed focused, clear of the other equipment and set those bad boys up safely and perfectly and we still were able to move the trash through the facility. I was very impressed!!! Please pass this on to the Hanson Silo team and if you guys need a reference I will be happy to share my great experience with others.”

Eric, MN

When we started looking for bunker walls and feed bunks we were looking for something not just for me but my sons and probably their kids, too. My Feed Storage Structure had to be strong and safe and economical over the long term. We found Hanson Silo Company and found the quality and attractive appearance we liked. We found out there is a difference in companies and we notice that more now than ever before. Some companies’ walls just don’t hold up, then they need to be redone. There can’t be much cost savings in that. A good base, quality materials, specialized mix design engineered for silage, strength and satisfaction is what we found working with Hanson Silo. I believe you will, too.”

Ralph, IA

Your Bunker Silo guys are fast and efficient! The work was done well! I would recommend to anybody who wants a superior product by people who care.”

Glenn, MN

Job well done, I can tell Hanson Concrete Bunkers are superior to the competition. Thank you.”

R. H., SD


I am the maintenance manager at NuGen Energy in Marion, SD. I purchased an Easy Rake from Hanson Silo for use on our DDG pile. It was the perfect solution for eliminating the danger to employee and equipment that can happen from bridging of dried distillers’ grains. When the product falls off our high piles it falls through the rake and not on the loader, causing damage and putting our employees in danger.”

Chad, SD

We’ve bought a lot of things at this dairy and the Easy Rake is by far one of the best uses of our money. We use a 4 yard 821E Case wheel loader. Our silage crashed on the loader two different times. It took out the windshield, hood, turbo and dang near the operator. The Easy Rake was a great value compared to the damage we withstood.”

Tom, KS


I was looking at moving our neighbor’s old F&W buttress panels when I talked to Hanson Silo at a farm show. I had them come out to look at our project and we decided to go with new Hanson panels. The whole process went like clockwork from start to finish and we had our bunker filled with haylage 2 days after install. I’ve used a lot of different feed storage systems in the past and this is by far the best.”

Lyle, SD


Everything seems to be going very good. Paint quality is looking great. I also like that you updated the price list every time there is a new part. Thanks.”

Nathan, MN

Hanson’s Powder Coating helped us beat our competition by offering a premium finish to diversify our boat trailers and mower decks in the market. I’d recommend any OEM to talk to Hanson.”

Tebben Enterprises, MN

3 years ago, I brought a grain box trailer into Hanson. They steel grit blasted, primed, 2-tone powder coated and put a baked on clear coat on top. It has lasted so well, I am bringing another trailer back for Hanson Powder Coating. Thanks!”

M., MN

With their large selection of colors and reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong with Hanson Silo’s powder coating service. Their crew takes no shortcuts. The portable sand blasting service was also very helpful at my business. Hanson provides Quality Workmanship from start to finish and quick turnaround times.”

Steve, MN

Paint job is as good as a show car paint job. I’m very pleased.”

Dave, MN

Quality of work and turn-around time for powder coating is very good. Thanks!”

Jeff, MN


Your guys are fast and efficient! The work was done well!”

Gary, IA

The Hanson Silo service people came in a timely fashion, and were very pleasant to work with, I was impressed with their content knowledge.”

Jay, SD

Your crew was fantastic! ”

Brad N., SD

Everything is going great! Thanks for the help.”

Mike, MN

The Hanson team is great to work with!”

Matt, MN


I am very happy with the Secure Covers I bought from Hanson Silo. I no longer dread covering the silage. It’s not such a painful chore anymore. The Gravel Bags keep the Secure Covers tight. Best of all is the better quality feed. There is now very little waste.”

Bob, MN


We put a Valmetal Center hole unloader in our second new 26 x 100 Hanson Silo. We did extensive research to find the highest capacity silo unloader and we found it! No more climbing the silo and this thing will throw 1000 pounds per minute in -20F weather NO PROBLEM. We can’t believe how it can unload 3 times faster and use the electricity on Haylage. I couldn’t imagine what it would do with corn silage. Filling the silo, we can blow in 15 tons of haylage in seven minutes. Hanson Silo has a great package here.”

Nels and Matt, MN

We are very happy with our decision to convert our 25 x 80 Harvestore to top unloading. We have dramatically reduced our unloader maintenance costs and feeding time by going to a top unloading system. We really appreciate the ease of operation of the Hanson Mega Trac unloader, and our feed quality has improved because we can fill at a higher moisture content now.”

Rick and Terry, MN

We just wanted to send our appreciation to you. Thanks for your time and effort we love our unloader and we enjoyed working with you.”

Doug and Jane, MN

We would like to let you know we appreciate the service we have received. Thanks for helping us purchase our new silo with the unloader, we really like the way it works.”

Tom and Alvin, MN

I’d like to express our sincere thanks for replacing the one-year-old motor on my silo unloader. It is great to do business with companies that stand behind their product. Thank you very much.”

Hallestad Brothers, MN

Thanks again for the speedy service in putting up the silo. Our silo has gone through 3 storms already and is still standing strong!”

Burt, MN

The silo crew did a nice job and good work on my feeder silo service. I give them a 10.”

Vernon, IA

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