Grain Storage Systems

Wide Range of Storage Solutions

Hanson grain bunkers and buildings are customized for your needs.

Hanson Silo is the national leader in flat concrete grain storage systems. From temporary grain storage systems to engineered multi-million bushel automated grain buildings, we can do it all. We have built flat grain storage and portable bunkers for the most progressive elevator coops in Minnesota, Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas. Hanson has shipped precast bunkers to Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Washington State and Saskatchewan.

With partnerships in complete grain storage systems, Hanson Silo can provide you with horizontal storage that works for your specific needs. This includes Hanson Silo walls, aeration fans, air ducts, tarps, and buildings. Our “open air” or “Hockey Rink” walls are the 8’L walls, although the 16’ high panels are increasing in popularity.

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Hanson’s flat storage bunker walls have a longer useful life than galvanized steel walls and wood walls. As an example, one cooperative with Hanson Silo bunkers has reconfigured their grain walls five times in different locations.

Hanson’s Fix-a-Flat program can put all new concrete walls up to 16′ high in your old storage area. Customers love this because they can add 1 million bushels in the same footprint by going up rather than out, and often times reusing all existing equipment.

All Shapes, All Sizes

Hanson Silo grain bunkers can be round, oval, rectangular or a hybrid thereof and can be built on top of our grain reclaim tunnels. Pairing these two powerful technologies saves time, money and headaches when unloading your grain bunkers. All of Hanson’s grain reclaim tunnels can be customized to feature grates as often as you need to make unloading easier and less labor intensive. With horizontal grain storage, your Cost Per Bushel can be as low as 10 cents depending on your configuration. A few of the benefits of Hanson grain storage solutions include:

  • Low price/bushel
  • Extremely durable compared to wood or steel storage – we replace many wooden and steel wall ground piles
  • Grain reclaim box-culvert tunnels available
  • Variety of custom panels, tailored to your aeration needs
  • Fabrication shop that manufactures ventilation Z air tubes, steel bulkheads and wall-to-fan transitions
  • Bulkheads with grain gates installed for easy entry
  • Hanson grain bunkers don’t require footings, are free standing, and can be anchored to prevent slide


Hanson grain bunkers are used to store the following commodities:

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Dry distillers grain
  • Gluten wet cake
  • Canola
Precast Concrete vs. steel bunker walls
  • Lasts longer, more durable.
  • Save tarp from covering the perforated walls to prevent the wind from overpowering negative pressure aeration fans.
  • Repurpose and resale value – some customers use them for fertilizer storage.
  • Insurance premiums are 4 times lower than steel walls, as the provider is less likely for an insurable event.
  • Total cost per bushel is often less by putting more bushels higher rather than wider with ground pile or 4′ walls – excavation, tower, reclaim, etc.
Building or Tarp

We have worked with a variety of building styles. From steel to clear span cover buildings and wood stick-built pole barns, we work with most building companies to package the best option for you. For customers interested in a lower upfront cost, our partners can supply a tarp cover to keep the elements from penetrating the commodity. Hanson offers an engineered OSHA-approved safety walkway for tarping convenience.


Grain exerts high pressure on walls, and unless the building is designed to withstand the pressure of grain or other granular products, it will need to be reinforced with Hanson panels. All our grain systems are engineered for up to 100 pounds per cubic foot in wall strength. Bunker silo L panels are available in heights of 4’, 8’, 12’, and 16′, and are engineered with reinforced ribs, structural rebar and steel mesh to provide the necessary strength without the cost and weight of a full thickness T panel.


Hanson offers precast exterior concrete walls from 4’ to 16’ high. Our buildings have the capacity to hold in excess of 5 million bushels. We will custom design each system to the exact specifications our clients need. Hanson concrete bunker walls can easily be expanded and reconfigured when your needs change. When yields increase to 300 bushel per acre field average, you can be prepared and inexpensively add to your current grain bunker. To estimate the storage capacity, calculate the volume of the panned grain pile in cubic feet. Then, multiply by 0.8 bushels per cubic foot, or divide by 1.25 cubic feet per bushel to get volume bushels.

Convenience & Efficiency

Hanson offers different options to fit your budget on unloading and reclaim. You can scoop it out with a wheel loader or invest in a grain reclaim tunnel. Grain reclaim tunnels are highly efficient in terms of labor – offering 60% product reclaim before additional manual or equipment is needed.

Moisture & Aeration

Even if grain is dry when it is moved into flat storage, it still needs to be aerated to maintain grain temperature to reduce mold and insect activity. Our partners offer ambient temperature above the grain and basic humidity control. Our aeration system has Z-shaped tubes that connect through the wall to be flush with the floor and strong enough to support the grain pressure.

Wireless Monitoring

Connect your ground pile with modern technology. Our customizable wireless grain monitoring system gives you 24/7 access to real-time grain temperatures and RH all through an app on your smartphone.

Safety Catwalk

Hanson’s aesthetically pleasing safety catwalk is an economical one-time investment that provides peace of mind to you and safety to everyone. Our catwalk is OSHA-compliant and easy to install; we can install it or you can. See OSHA Requirements Interested in learning more about Hanson’s farm grain storage solutions? A comprehensive case study can be found here.

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