Salt & Sand Storage-Commercial storage

precast concrete storageHanson builds a containment system for salt & sand storage that exceeds the specifications of The Department of Transportation (DOT) for the salt storage corrosive environment. Our engineered concrete panels are designed to resist corrosion and store commodities with weights up to 130 pounds per cubic foot.

Hanson’s precast salt & sand storage systems also offer quick install, the flexibility to set the building on top of or outside of the panels. We also work with all of the major construction companies and is listed as the manufacturer of choice in many bid packages. Hanson has installed panels on DOT sites that have used stick, post frame, hoop, and steel buildings. We have the ability to tailor fit our system to your needs while maintaining a strength, flexibility, and speed that can’t be matched.

Customers have enjoyed the Hanson salt & sand storage system because it condenses the foot print of the material, and has a strength that lasts.

Bulk Storage Guidelines & Bunker Calculator