Silo Repair & Replastering

Rejuvenate and Reuse Your Existing Silo

Hanson offers full scale silo repair services.

Our extensive experience includes installing replacement doors and re-plastering an existing silo to knock downs or tear downs of old silos. Hanson Silo company has been working on silos for over 100 years.

From top to bottom we can do it all: silo roofs, distributors, hexapods or tripods, cable, fill pipe, chute, ladder, stave repair, replaster or relining, doors, footing, and straightening of old silos. Have a custom project idea? Let Hanson Silo’s experts help with the design and installation of your project.

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Silo Repair and Replastering

Hanson Silo utilizes custom concrete mixes and equipment to resurrect crumbling silos.


Turn to Hanson Silo for full service silo repair services.

  • Silo additions
  • Re-plastering/high pressure washing (removes all old mortar and feed down to rugged rock base)
  • Specialized Hanscrete (concrete mix is sprayed on and hand-troweled for a heavy, smooth finish)
  • Custom spreader doors
  • Replacement hoops
  • White, Gavalum Silo Roof replacement
  • Stave replacement
  • Roof cap
  • Filler Pipe PVC and Steel
  • Door spreader replacements and hardware
  • New and used wood and steel silo doors
  • Silo straightening and leveling
  • Foundation replacements
  • Hoop adding and tensioning
  • Cage
  • Silo knock downs/tear downs of all makes and manufacturers
  • Chute replacement

Interested in turning your bottom-unloading upright silo to a top-unloading one? Hanson Silo offers a concrete or a steel conversion kit for your project.

Call Hanson Silo Company at 320.664.4171 for more information