Valmetal- Farm Feeding Equipment

Hanson Silo is a distributor of Valmetal automated feeding systems and farm feeding equipment. Valmetal’s product line includes a new robotic feed pusher that uses an auger to push up feed that lifts and re-mixes feed increasing dry matter intake and decreases refusals.

Also included in the line up is Valmetal’s automated control panel that can transform your operation. This control panel can automate silo unloaders, bulk bins, TMR mixers, the Valmetal combox (silage reserve), belt feeders, conveyors, or anything with an electric motor. This feeding system is state of the art and delivers flexibility, efficiency, quality that will lower your break even cost and provide your animals with high quality feed.

Valmetal also offers bale processors and the self propelled bedding chopper. These products bring ease and quality to a job that is important to your animals comfort in the barn.

Valmetal also offers the best silo unloaders on the market that includes the fully automated V2000 center drop unloader that will unload your silo faster, without having to lower the unloader or change doors.

With the Valmetal mixer, in either stationary or mobile, you find a quality made mixer that offers affordability and options to fit any operation.