Recycling Storage

Versatile Portable Dividers

Hanson has bunker solutions for large or small projects.

Hanson’s bunker panels are the recycling & sanitation separating wall of choice for a variety of recyclable products. From paper and plastic to organic and hazardous materials, our bunkers are versatile to meet your needs. They’re load tested and don’t require footings, which allow you to add or reconfigure your storage over time.

Hanson bunker panels are made from a cement that consistently breaks at over double what a poured-in-place wall can provide. They are poured in a plant environment, which means that they are much more uniform and well-made than a poured-in-place wall. They have double the reinforcement of other manufacturers and will stand the test of time.

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Hanson bunker panels are versatile, portable, and reconfigurable. We’ve had customers that have used the panels for 7 years and changed their business plan. They were able to sell the panels on an auction and re-capture 65% of their investment. That is the ultimate test of flexibility.

Please utilize Hanson’s handy Bunker Builder Planning Tool to help determine your recycling storage configuration.

Recycling Storage Examples

Hanson Silo precast panels can be moved to fit your changing storage needs.

Recycling Containment Storage Wall Systems

Low cost per ton is a fast track construction method for storage and separation of recycling materials and composting waste products. Hanson precast panels can be used to separate the following materials:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Batteries
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Bulk
  • Automotive
  • Organic & Hazardous Materials

Traditional static walls can be expensive, lean and not allow you to change your configuration over time. Hanson’s recycling containment storage wall system is the highest quality choice for longevity, performance and ultimate flexibility.

We’ve supplied large paper mill companies with our pre-fabbed push walls for dry sludge load out. The free-standing design of our T panel works well for live load strength of constant wheel loader abuse.

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