Save Both Time and Money

Hanson bunker walls can solve your toughest storage problems.

Hanson’s bunker silo offers you a large volume storage capacity system for your specific needs. It provides the lowest cost per ton of silage, of earlage, and of high moisture corn storage. In addition, Hanson bunkers have the lowest initial investment and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Unlike a silo bag, Hanson’s bunker silos are a more economical, one-time investment way to reduce spoilage. Storing feed in a Hanson bunker silo can save a producer over 50% less spoilage – dry matter loss versus ground pile storage.

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Hanson Silo Company is an expert at manufacturing and installing precast concrete bunkers walls.


  • Cost savings; avoid constructing large forms necessary for poured-in-place concrete
  • Movable
  • Flexibility – what are your needs going to be in five years?
  • Clean storage area
  • Higher strength self-consolidating concrete than ready mix
  • Faster onsite building time; reduce cost and community disruption
  • Fewer tradesmen to hire and manage
  • Project will be finished sooner, reducing bank financing; repayment starts earlier
  • Greater quality control – everything poured inside a controlled environment
  • Lower insurance rates, no sub grade footings – may not be property taxable
  • Resale – a Hanson Bunker Silo brings top dollar at an auction

Putting bunker silo walls around your silage pile has many benefits. Even the largest dairies are going from ground piles to bunker walls in an effort to conserve valuable space.

“Our primary focus was to get out of the mud and condense our footprint for fuel savings. We accomplished those goals and also have seen a significant improvement in feed quality over our ground piles. When we were looking at bunker panels, Hanson Silo with their solid design offered the best solution.”
– Brian Tusa, Alpha, MN

Precast Concrete Bunker Walls

Hanson’s precast walls are manufactured and installed using the highest standards.


Hanson’s bunker silo walls have several (PE) stamps of approval and are produced in a controlled plant environment for exceptional quality and uniformity. They’re modular so that they can be erected at any size, including 5’, 6’, 8’, 8’6”, 10’, 12’ and 16’ T & L panels.

Bunker silo panels can be quicker to unload than a silo bag and less chasing around than a silage pile. Hanson bunker silos are portable as your needs change in the future, which allows for easy alteration, expansion or resale. Freestanding concrete silo slabs or bunker walls can decrease the footprint of the feed area while increasing the amount of feed than can be stored. We have customers who move and reconfigure their bunker walls each year.

  • Limits oxygen on feed and dry matter loss by narrowing up piles and sealing against wall
  • 7 panel wall height options to choose from
  • No footings required (free-standing or cemented in place)
  • L and T Panels
  • Factory installation at your location or purchase a DIY Bunker and install them yourself
  • Keeps your storage area clean – varmints can’t feed on top of a 12′ or 16′ wall
  • Panel walls are portable, allowing for expansion, resale, and DIY installation
  • Both T & L panels distribute weight evenly over the entire base
  • Strongest steel mesh and rebar system in the industry
  • T-Panels can be used as an end wall or as center wall and can be filled on both sides

You can construct a clear span fabric cover building (hoop building) on our panels. We also allow the installation of stick buildings to be built on top of our concrete panel walls. Hanson is also the premier dealer of Secure Covers and Bunker Sidewalls Bias Tires.

Used bunker silo walls are sometimes available. We have traded in 8′ walls on 12′ and 16′ precast walls for different livestock producers.

Hanson silo blocks have the best resale on farm auctions. One of our farmers got 67% of his money back after 9 years of use. Still think you can save money on a poured wall?

“When we started looking for bunker walls and feed bunks we were looking for something not just for me but my sons and probably their kids, too. My Feed Storage Structure had to be strong and safe and economical over the long term. We found Hanson Silo Company and found the quality and attractive appearance we liked. We found out there is a difference in companies and we notice that more now than ever before. Some companies’ walls just don’t hold up, then they need to be redone. There can’t be much cost savings in that. A good base, quality materials, specialized mix design engineered for silage, strength and satisfaction is what we found working with Hanson Silo. I believe you will, too.”
-Ralph, IA

Hanson Silo bunkers typically upgrade feed centers from these types of customers:

  • We have installed tip up panels in trench silos or pit silo, where a silo is built into the ground by digging a hole below the natural grade line.
    These farms see a decrease in rats tunneling into feed and dirt in the ration.
  • The common concrete silage bunker sold is drive-over piles, sometimes called a stack, where a pile of silage has no structural walls to contain the material.
    The base of the trench silo or roll over pile is usually dirt, but sometimes asphalt or cement is used.  We can install bunker panels next to a slab, or on top.
  • Feeders tired of using silage bags are great cement wall prospects.
    These ranchers are fed up with mud and paying every year for the silage bags. When cattlemen or a dairy puts plastic on the walls of our bunkers they get a better pack on the feed than a bag can offer.

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