Precast Wall Panels for Car Dealerships

Precast Construction is a Solid Investment

Hanson offers cost savings, durability, and quality control.

A number of car dealerships are being constructed using precast concrete wall panels, and for good reason. This building method offers a number of benefits when it comes to durability, installation, and cost.

Hanson Silo produces quality precast wall panels that are ideal for a number of applications, including car dealerships.

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Here are a few reasons why you should consider Hanson Silo precast concrete wall panels for your next project.


Our precast concrete wall panels are made using high-quality, durable concrete that will stand the test of time. While other materials can deteriorate over time, concrete actually hardens with age, making it an excellent building material.

Quick Installation

If you’re starting a car dealership, you likely don’t want to wait around too long while your building is being constructed. That’s why precast concrete wall panels are an excellent choice. While conventional wall systems can take weeks to put in place, our wall panels can be installed in just a few days, significantly reducing the time it takes for your project to be completed.

Cost Savings

Because installation takes less time, you’ll also be able to reduce costs, as there are fewer man-hours needed for installation. Our precast wall panels also require fewer tradespeople, further reducing construction costs. With less bank financing required, you’ll have your car dealership paid off sooner.

Quality Control

There are a number of variables that go into the quality of wall structures, including the materials used and craftsmanship. Our precast concrete wall panels are poured and constructed inside a controlled environment. This means every panel is identical and meets our extremely high standards. When you use Hanson Silo precast wall panels you know you’re receiving a quality product every time.

More About Our Precast Concrete Wall Panels

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Precast Wall Panel Examples

Hanson Silo precast panels are used in construction of new car dealerships.

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