Combox-Silage Reserve

Automate Your Feeding System

Hanson is a distributor of quality Valmetal Products.

The Combox-Silage Reserve is the missing link that will allow you to change the way you feed livestock. What would you do if your cows could eat for 3 days  without human intervention?

While monitoring from your smartphone, enjoy push-button farming forage for fully robotic feeding. Valmetal’s live-bottom storage hoppers can integrate with Lely Vector or any other automatic feeding system.

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Combox Product Image

Extensive testing and farmer input have culminated in the Silage Reserve COMBOX. The Valmetal Commodity Box  is the best solution to feed your herd from bunker silos, ag bags or ground pile. Valmetal Silage Reserve has a large loading capacity which is suitable for all feed types. First in first out to prevent heating.

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