Wisconsin Dairy Farmer on Hanson Silo’s Easy Rake: Phenomenal Quality & Safety

Brian Anderson of Deer Creek Farms in Ashland, Wisconsin found a range of benefits provided by using Easy Rake silage facer patented by Hanson Silo. After his dealer allowed him to test the well-built machine. He was so impressed, he has replaced his Berlon rotary defacer with the Easy Rake. Along with being simpler to use than other silage equipment, offering exceptional money savings, and providing health benefits for your stock, the Easy Rake is built with a focus on quality, ensuring years of almost flawless operation. In addition to quality, safety was of the utmost concern in the Easy Rake’s design.

It’s not hard to come by stories sharing when silage being brought down has caved in, damaging equipment and even causing loss of life or limb. Mechanical spinning rotary silage facers can be frustrating. Bearings go out, chains and tighteners need to be replaced, motors and sprockets wear, and invariably someone forgets to unhook the hydraulic hoses. They are slow, harder on loaders, and can be unsafe.

The length of the Easy Rake keeps the loader further away from the operator and there are no moving parts to break. Patented and designed by dairymen covering eight years of development, it also allows the operator to face to the ground on any bunker, pile, or bag, not halfway, and from heights up to 40 feet. It is also capable of cutting through plastic, reducing the need to work near the silage cliff and many operators pull tires off the top of the bunker with the Easy Rake.

Hanson Silo’s Easy Rake has been adopted in locations all over the world. Sales for the patented Easy Rake have sent the machine to Australia, Uruguay, Russia, UK, China, Mexico, and Canada. Also, “a large network of U.S. dealers has been set up over the past several years.”, noted Hanson.

 “It’s an easy sale because the Easy Rake is efficient, saves farmers money, and requires no service after the sale. The neat part about it is you just hook up and go. Not only does it improve the feed quality and time spent feeding each day, but the safety aspect of being farther away from a pile that can avalanche down is huge,” said Hanson.

For more information about Easy Rake, visit our website, or contact us to learn how Easy Rake can benefit your farm or ranch. Also, be sure to follow this series for other great benefits Hanson Silo’s Easy Rake provides.