Wisconsin Dairy Farmer on Hanson Silo’s Easy Rake: Ease of Use

When Wisconsin dairy farmer Brian Anderson was presented with Easy Rake silage facer patented by Hanson Silo, it didn’t take him long to realize the multitude of benefits it provides. Anderson was so impressed, he bought one, and has had nothing but good things to say since his purchase. Recently, Brian shared four areas in which the Easy Rake has impressed him. These include equipment quality, ease of use, how it saves your hard-earned cash, and the health benefits for your stock. In this article, we consider the ease of using Easy Rake. After his dealer provided Anderson an Easy Rake to try, it did not take long to notice a difference immediately.

“I told him if I try it and I like it, I’ll buy it,” said Anderson. “I had a Berlon rotary defacer on my skidsteer, it was slower and in the winter it was a pain in the butt to hook up the hoses and it had more moving parts. With my John Deere 624 payloader, the Easy Rake is so much faster, you just hook up and go.”

Anderson, owner of Deer Creek Farms in Ashland, Wisconsin, keeps busy with his 500 head herd of Holstein dairy cattle and is just one of many who have reaped the advantages of adding this nearly indestructible piece of machinery on their farm or ranch.

Anderson’s dairy operation was originally started by his dad in 1975 and is situated on 2,000 acres. Along with cattle, the farm produces corn, soybeans, and alfalfa.  The Easy Rake fits well with Anderson’s streamlined market strategy. With no moving parts and hookup times in a few seconds, the Easy Rake silage facer saves him labor time and reduces maintenance and repair costs.

The Easy Rake also saves considerable time, and time is money. Anderson stores his feed in a 12-foot bunker and says it has reduced his facing time by half compared to the skid steer method he used to do.

It’s amazing how a simple, cost-effective, and well-built machine like the patented Easy Rake silage facer, distributed by Hanson Silo, can do so much, in so little of time, and still save you stacks of money in production costs to raise your profits.

Brian and his wife Jamie, have two daughters, Emma and Mandy, and a son, Bryce, all of whom work on the farm. He has 10 employees, three of whom are full-time.

“We’ve had absolutely no issues with the Easy Rake at all. It has worked fantastic,” said Anderson. There are four of us that use the rake and we all are impressed with it. It’s done its job and works every day,” said Anderson.

For more information about Easy Rake, visit our website, or contact us to learn how Easy Rake can benefit your farm or ranch. Also, be sure to follow this series for other great benefits Hanson Silo’s Easy Rake provides.