Structural Precast Panels & Buildings

Structural Precast Panels and Buildings

Hanson Silo is a leading provider of structural precast panels and buildings in Lake Lillian, Minnesota for agricultural applications. In recent years, total precast concrete building systems have become a popular choice for construction projects.

*Car Dealerships
*New and Refurbishing Barns
*Building Expansions
*Truck shops/Wash Bays
*Church Buildings
*Grocery Warehousing
*Commercial Recycling Centers
*Manufacturing Plants
*Poultry and Swine Barns

Hanson Silo Structural Precast Concrete Solutions

Individual structural precast and pre-stressed concrete components can be combined to build entire structures, taking on a wide variety of forms such as, but not limited to:

  • Double tee roof panels
  • Double tee core flooring
  • Precast columns and beams
  • Load-bearing precast walls
  • Solid concrete panels for uninsulated interior walls

Benefits of Structural Precast Panels and Buildings

The benefits of structural precast panels and buildings affect every member of your team. For building owners, precast concrete systems allow for a smoother design and construction process. We use the latest technologies to support the innovation in design and product of precast concrete components for a variety of construction needs.

As a national authority in precast concrete solutions and buildings, we stand by our promise to deliver:

  • We guarantee rapid installation to reduce your on-site labor costs
  • Consistent product quality that meets all industry standards
  • Shorter project lead times
  • Up to R27 insulation on all precast concrete panels

Farm owners, engineers, contractors, and architects among others depend on Hanson Silo to deliver best-in-class precast concrete solutions. Our products are designed for all areas of the construction spectrum, from specialized agricultural applications and feed storage, to building systems and transportation.

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