Robotic Auger Pro Feed Pusher

Robotic feed pusher

Robotic Feed Pusher

Pro-Feed 2020 – robotic Feed Pusher

The only Easy-to-use robotic feed pusher that uses an auger that remixes while pushes the ration to the animals in a way that increasing odor and palatability. Can also be controlled from your computer, tablet and cell phone – no matter where you are, even at the beach or in your tree stand. The motors are brushless and maintenance free. Electric charging system is a simple 1/8” (3mm) plate that is very resistant, even to the load of a tractor. Simple, effortless and intuitive installation. See the difference for your self. This pusher will do more than the competition much more efficiently.

Higher DMI

Dry matter intake (DMI) is everything. The more your cows eat, the more milk they are able to produce. Additionally, ration consistency is critical. Studies show that as ration consistency varies, dry matter intake suffers, which may result in lower milk production.

Even if your farm excels at mixing and delivering the total mixed ration (TMR) to the feedbunk, it will still be sorted by the first cows to eat. Therefore, submissive cows that eat later will not receive the same consistent ration. Observe a cow’s eating behavior; within minutes of arriving she will create a large hole as she sorts through the feed.

Now ask yourself: Do you want that cow to back out and find another spot at the feedbunk? A far better option is to stir up the remainder and push it back under her nose. This is most critical for transition cows that are most vulnerable to going off feed and are often regrouped several times within a short time period.

According to industry experts Robotic Feed pushing offers some of the quickest Return on Investment numbers on the Farm. Save thousands on labor and fuel consumption and make sure that the job is getting done even when you are busy with other chores, at night, or on vacation!

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