Automatic Feeding Systems

Robotic Feeding Systems to Help You Feed Your Livestock More Often

Every dairy farmer would like to feed his animals better and more effectively. Automatic feeding is the answer. Many research results support that more frequent feeding results in higher feed intake and higher production. On top op that, it improves the cow’s health, condition and lifetime. This is a fine and useful theory, but usually the labour involved is the limiting factor to implement it. The Triomatic automatic feeding system now enables you to make this wish come true without having to sacrifice any more of your precious time. This automatic feeding system also improves your milking robot’s milking frequency because fresh feed has a positive influence on cow traffic.

Triomatic T20 automatic feeding system with Stationary Mixer

This automatic feeding system is ideal for livestock farmers who want to feed one basic ration, plus various added components where necessary for each feeding group. Also for small-scale farmers that want to feed their livestock a comprehensive ration for a small investment, the Triomatic T20 offers solution.

The number of stationary mixers depends on the number of fodder rations that need to be made up, although it is also possible to make several different mixtures with the same stationary mixer. By-products or types of concentrate can also be loaded into the Triomatic feeding robot as a supplement for each feeding group.


Automatic Feeding

Triomatic T30 automatic Feeding system with Storage hoppers

In combination with a feeding robot, the Triomatic T30 feed kitchen is a complete automatic feeding system. The number of feed storage bunkers depends on the number of unprocessed loose feed components. The feeding robot (rail suspended or ground driven wheeled robot) loads the feed per bunker.

Due to the special design with the horizontal loading section and large loading width, the bunker is easy to load using a tractor with front loader or a wheel loader. Thanks to the simple construction and sustainable materials, the maintenance costs are low and reliability remains high. Available with a rail suspended or a wheeled feeding robot.


Automatic Feeding

Triomatic T40 automatic feeding system with Storage Floors

Combined with a feeding robot, the Triomatic T40 feed kitchen is an automatic feeding system with flat floors for storing feed. These feed floors are easy to load with silage blocks and round or square bales of grass silage, hay or straw. The number of feed floors depends on the number of feed components.

The unique cutting system with circular cutting blades cuts the feed very accurate and remains an optimum feed structure. The silo pit surface remains firm and intact and there is no secondary fermentation. With the Triomatic T40 cattle feeding system rations can be compiled very accurately and different feed rations for different groups can easily be programmed. The feed can be stored for several days, which provides the farmer optimum flexibility in labour and private life. Available with a hanging or wheeled feeding robot.


Triomatic Robotic Feeding Hanson Silo