Architectural Domes

In 1938, Hanson Silo invented and patented the self-supported dome roof structure for covering silos throughout rural skylines across much of North America, but the aesthetic appeal, strength and functionality of dome roofs has made them desirable from fire suppression water tower roof to aquaculture and retail projects. Regardless of where it is used, it is certain to add visual style to the structure.

From basic spheres to more complicated shapes, add a Hanson dome roof to your next building project to make your building stand apart. Select from a variety of colors and finishes for a truly unique structure. Installation can be done right onsite.


Hemispherical domes can be used as an integral part of a building or simply the aesthetic appeal of a structure. Dome roofs are also lightweight and self-supporting, which makes them easily customizable to fit your application. In addition to strength and appeal, dome roofs offer an optimal area of space that gives a feeling of openness.

Dome Roof Project Applications:

  • Architectural
  • Residential Home
  • Commercial
  • Restaurant
  • Casino
  • Municipal
  • Playground
  • Suburban Banks
  • Movie Sets
  • Community Centers
  • Coffee Shop
  • Winery
  • Communication Tower
  • Sports Complex
  • Church
  • Islam Mosque


Because dome roofs are self-supporting, the design possibilities are practically endless. From a covered sitting area in an outdoor garden or a hemispherical room on your home, Hanson Silo’s engineering experts will work closely with you to bring your creative vision to life.

We invite you to look through at our gallery for inspiration and then give us a call to discuss your custom dome roof project.


Our steel domes are shipped in stacks of pie-shaped steel sections, ready for assembly on-site. They can be assembled on top of the structure or on the ground and set with a crane. The panel edges are roll-formed into channels at the factory and are placed and bolted together during assembly resulting in a rugged and appealing free-standing structure.

Domes are available with a base diameter from 10′ to 30′. Generally produced as perfect hemispheres, they can also be formed into modified shapes.

Additionally, our domes are usually manufactured from 24-gauge premier galvanized steel which can be prefinished with a wide range of colors. We can provide you with Kynar finished dome roofs. Once they arrive, they are ready for quick and economical installation.

Hanson Silo Dome Roof Installation