Hog Slats – Concrete Slatted Floor Systems

Hanson is proud to be the first drycast slat in production made in Minnesota

Hanson Silo makes high-quality hog slats and beams for use in hog confinement systems and hog barns.

Harder and Denser Concrete

Hanson Silo has 103 years of dry cast concrete expertise with the 40,000 tower silos we built from dry cast staves.   We used washed sand from a local lake in the early 1900s before wash plants were invented.

Our hog slatted floor barns are made using engineered, dry-cast concrete. We use a low water to cement ratio that produces ZERO SLUMP concrete slats that are harder and denser for improved durability.

Most other slats made in Minnesota use a wet cast.  With a low frequency vibration table to consolidate the concrete. Higher ratios of water can create pores in the concrete which reduces the strength and longevity.

Because we keep our ratio as low as possible our hog flooring slats are much stronger than our competitors.

Flatter and Stronger Hog Slats

We utilize a unique production technique to keep our hog slats uniformly flat. Instead of hand troweling, we use rotoscreed to level the top of the slat, creating a surface that is much easier on your animals’ joints and provides better traction.

Hanson Silo’s hog slat flooring systems are comprised of four-inch thick slats that are four feet wide and ten feet long. Each slat is reinforced with high-tensile steel rebar and wire mesh mats for greater strength and increased durability.

Hog Confinement Systems

In addition to our hog slat flooring systems, Hanson can provide complete precast concrete hog barns and hog confinement systems come with the following:

  • Insulated precast walls
  • Posts and beams
  • Precast Confinement panels 8’ 12’ or 24’ long

Hanson Silo ships products across the United States and Canada. Whether you have a nursery, gestation, farrowing or finishing operation, we have the right solutions to help you care for your swine.

Hanson also makes custom solid panels. Call for pricing