Tower Silo Wireless Communications

  • The Cellular antennas can be mounted on the outside of the wall, or inside under a fiberglass roof. The silo towers can be self-contained with the antennas hidden and the equipment rooms inside the silo.
  • We are also building these silos for farm feed storage with companies mounting antennas on the outside of the multi-functional silos. Our silo towers are strong to withstand storm and wind damage, and are able to support many carriers.
  • Wireless silo towers on site in the following diameters: 12', 14' 16', 18', 20', 24' and 26' diameters.
  • Cost per vertical foot significantly less than conventional metal towers.
  • WiMax and GPS Silo towers are also available.
  • We install Sub inch Real Time Kinetic (RTK) antennas on silos and grain legs for the John Deere Green Star and other auto steer systems


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