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Farm Tower Silos

Nothing Works Like a Hanson Silo! Thousands of dairy farmers agree: Long lasting tower silos are the economical, convenient way to store and feed out high quality rations. It only takes two people to fill a tower silo at harvest time. As the silo fills, gravity packs the silage tightly, removing air pockets and aiding in proper fermentation. Uniform temperatures in the silo maintain high feed quality for extended storage periods.

New technologies now offer high volume feeding and clean access while lower and maintaining unloader equipment. One person can push-button feed an entire herd in minutes, in any kind of weather. Valuable time and labor can be saved when preparing various rations for a TMR system.

Built to last a lifetime, tower silos use up "sky" space, not valuable ground space on the farm site. They offer versatile storage and feeding with minimal losses from weather and handling. Tower silos are an investment that pays off!

tower silo feature 1 Hanson's triple-sealed poly vinyl door gasket, along with the smooth, hand-troweled plaster finish, preserves and protects the ensiled feed.
tower silo feature 1 Hanson's steel ladder is powder-coated black to complement other silo accessories. Ladder setoffs make climbing easier. Ladder guard and platform are standard safety features.
tower silo feature 1 Self storing powder coated steel doors (stainless steel doors optional) and the patented Hanson curved spreader assembly connects the silo hoops. Hanson's improved step system, combined with the industry's largest door opening, provides safe, easy entry or exit.
tower silo feature 1 Hanson's interlocking steel shute and dormer is the largest in the industry. Add the patented Hanson roof system and your silo is complete.
tower silo feature 1 Vibra-tamp concrete staves with a serrated surface provide an ideal hand troweled plastering surface. This smooth plaster finish preserves and protects the ensiled feed.
tower silo feature 1 The rugged Hanson staves are triple-hooped near the bottom of the silo and double-hooped all the way to the top assuring a strong, solid silo structure.

Silo Dia (Feet) Cubic Feet Ton Per Ft. 50 lb. Material Ton Per Ft. 100 lb. Material
12 113.10 2.83 5.64
14 153.94 3.85 7.70
16 201.06 5.03 10.05
18 254.47 6.36 12.72
20 314.16 7.85 15.71
22 380.16 9.50 19.01
24 452.39 11.31 22.62
26 530.93 13.27 26.55
30 706.86 17.67 25.34

Hanson's Concrete Stave Silo is one of the most versatile and economical forms of bulk storage available to producers. This economy and flexibility is the direct result of utilizing the stave silo's two structural basic components with the best of both worlds. The high compressive strength of concrete, and the tensile strength of steel.

Plated steel hoops, usually 9/16" in diameter, encircle the stave silo. After pre-tensioning, these hoops hold the polygon formed by the stave segments in compression.

Each tongue and grooved dry cast concrete silo stave is 10 inches wide and 30 inches high and 3 inches thick.

After obtaining the type of discharge required for the material to flow properly and the method of charging or filling the silo, our engineers and estimators can prepare a cost estimate for the silo to be constructed at a specific location.

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