Hanson Silo is Offering
The Extron Grain Bunker Condition Monitoring System

Wireless Flat Storage Monitoring System

Ever want to know the condition of your corn during the long winter months?
Now you can!!
Introducing a wireless grain monitoring system that will give you real time grain temperatures throughout your ground pile.

  1. Real Time Data
  2. Customizable
  3. Smart Phone Updates
  4. Data Trending
  5. Easy Installation
  6. 24/7 Visability
  7. Alarming

What are customers saying about Grain Bunker Monitoring?

We purchased and installed Extron Ground Pile Monitors in three piles at our Ruthton, MN site this fall. The wireless, web based system allows us to monitor temperatures deep within our grain piles and better manage these assets. The system warned us of a possible problem in our 750,000 bushel soy bean pile and gave us the opportunity to open up the pile and cool down the product. It gives us confidence to take advantage of additional carry and sleep better at night.

Joel Wiering
Assistant Grain Department Manager,
CHS Ruthton, MN

To find out more information on Ground Pile Monitoring Click here.


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