Super Trac Silo Unloader

Our Best Value 3 cable unloader! Super-Trac takes all our best features and makes them better. Built with 9 and 11 foot drive rings, full 3-CABLE suspension and standard 3-28 Turbo Blower - you get better suspension and balance during operation and more volume of feed being moved. The Super Trac can be hung under any brand Hexapod. A heavy-duty machine that has proven itself hundreds of times over in any climate. A GREAT REPLACEMENT FOR A JAMESWAY!

Experience the advantage of 2 aggressive augers in frozen conditions. Available with the High Lift drop arms to get the unloader higher into the hexapod when filling.

Sizes: 16'-30'

The Hanson Enduro 28" Blower features 1 3/8" Adjustable Pillow Block Bearings for allowing easy adjustment for the tip clearance, large cast iron paddles, a 28" diameter housing for maximum blowing capacity, 1/4" AR Plate backwrapper and removable top cover. Each blower paddle is attached by a large 1" hardened pin.

The Super-Trac brings you:

  • Differential drive transmission
  • Full3-cable suspension
  • 3-28 Turbo Blower with ? inch AR Plate Backwrapper
  • 9 and 11 foot Heavy duty drive rings - reduces torque on ring
  • Adjustable drive clutch to prevent damage if there is a sudden forward/reverse directional change.

Differential-Drive Transmission Gears are made of a special manganese bronze for long-lasting, dependable performance to handle frozen, hard-packed silage. Tapered roller bearings on all shaft ends. We manufacture all our own gears to maintain quality.

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