Rods, Hoops, Lugs and Nuts

Hanson Silo rods are a great option for securing your spherical structure. We have provided replacement and additional hoops for safety of hopper bottom steel bins with integrated vibration to loosen the stored content to prevent the bolted seams from failure.

Water tanks made of wood are also a great candidate for Hanson's safety rods.

Hanson Silo rods are used to form hoops which encircle stave silos and carry the tension load of the silo wall. Among the desirable characteristics of steel used on silo walls is tensile strength, as measured by yield point, and ductility as indicated by elongation. The silo rods used by Hanson are fabricated with a cold-forged thread on each end and an electro-galvanized coating, supplemented with chromate finishes. Stock length rods are manufactured in 9/16" diameters with a 6" Thread on each end.

Our Silo Rings have an electroplated dichromate finish and have a 40,000psi minimum yield point with 20% minimum elongation.

For reference in specifying rod combinations, Hanson has also provided guidelines for rod combination, or hooping systems. These systems are based on 9/16" diameter rods with 5/ 8" rolled threads.

Steel lugs are used to fasten rods and make a hoop. They are manufactured to match the rod diameter and strength of the standard hooping systems.

View our .pdf Rod Combination chart to help pick your combinations. Silo Rods

Silo Rods have many different uses including adding strength to a depleting structure.


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