Robot Feeders

Robot Feeders

Pro-Feed 2020 – Self-Propelled Feed Pusher

Easy-to-use auger that pushes silage or hay back to the animals in a way that increasing odor and palatability. Can also be controlled from your computer, tablet and cell phone – no matter where you are, even at the beach or in your tree stand. The motors are brushless and maintenance free. Electric charging system is a simple 1/8” (3mm) plate that is very resistant, even to the load of a tractor. Simple, effortless and intuitive installation.


Autoration Pro

This robotic feeding system consists of a control panel, a programmable PLC (command manager), a weighing scale, a communication interface (color touch screen) and all the equipment needed to organize the feeding process. From a simple “click” or a touch on your mobile tablet, you’re able to control your equipment to provide your heard a superior RTM at any time or from any place.


Combox silage reserve

Over 30 years of manufacturing experience, extensive testing and farmer input have culminated in the Silage Reserve COMBOX. The Valmetal Commodity Box (silage reserve) is the best solution to feed your herd from bunker silos or ag bags. Valmetal Silage Reserve  has a large loading capacity which is suitable for all feed types. Due to its unique and heavy-duty design, more versatile and using less hp, Valmetal Combox ensures to meet your needs, no matter the type of feed.

Robotic Feed Pusher

Valmetal Autoration