Header Transports

Available in a range of sizes, including ST, HT and LT, Hanson’s Header Transports make it easy to haul a variety of combine heads safely on the highway. Our trailers will keep the heads off the ground as well as allow you to store them in buildings. We have 2-wheel and 4-wheel options. All our Header Transports are powder coated for maximum durability to weather conditions and have the option of adding LED taillights, in addition to other features.

Product #1: ST Series Header Transports

Stomper Transports (ST) Series Standard Features Include:

  • Stock stomper acceptance
  • Fully adjustable top bar up and down, in and out
  • Powder coat paint finish (Black is standard)
  • Heavy wall 6” x 12” frame
  • 7k Torsion Flex Tandem axles with brakes
  • 10-ply trailer tires, 16”
  • Adjustable axle spacing
  • LED tail lights, 7-pole plug
  • 2 integrated ratchet straps
  • Extendable tongue with quick latch and safety chains
  • Poly front fenders

For information on our other 2-wheel and 4-wheel Header Transports, click here.

Product #2: HT Series Header Transports

HT Series 4-Wheel Models Include:

  • Extended hitches (standard)
  • Light kits (optional)
  • Small wheels (optional)
  • Sizes: 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’
Product #3: LT Series Header Transports

LT Series Header Transports Include:

  • Universal model on 4” x 8” x ¼” beam and ST225-R15
  • 8-ply radial tires and pickup heads
  • Powder coat paint finish (Black is standard)
  • Sizes: 20’, 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’