Big Foot Silage Packer

Designed to increase forage compaction on piles and bunkers, the Big Foot Silage Packer provides 50 psi pressure per roller when fully loaded. The Big Foot Silage Packer is available in widths ranging from 6’-13’9” and includes heavy duty shatterproof bearings, stainless steel rims, category ¾ hitch standard and three-way stand for safe storage.

Put the hammer down with the Big Foot Silage Packer. This solid, durable compactor does a better job – and even uses less fuel! It also provides a raking action to help level the pile. You’re guaranteed to get 10-20% more volume of feed, and the better compaction will result in better quality feed and more storage capacity. The Big Foot Silage Packer fits the standard 3-point hitch, with an optional toolbar hitch available.

Description & Unit Weight Weight w/ Blocks
5 Roller Feed Compactor (6′ Wide) 3,300# 5,800#
7 Roller Feed Compactor (8′ 6″ Wide) 4,500# 7,000#
9 Roller Feed Compactor (11′ Wide) 5,850# 10,850#
11 Roller Feed Compactor (13′ 6″ Wide) 7,150# 12,150#
13 Roller Feed Compactor (16″ Wide) 8,450# 18,450#
Two Bar Hitch, 3-Point 295#

Silage Packer