Shooting & Blast Walls

Hanson T and L panels are being utilized at pistol and rifle ranges as a safety divider wall as well as a retaining wall filled with ballistic sand. This bunker reduces the shooting noise and the risk of ricochet bullets for the neighboring properties. Our panels are modular – making them portable for reconfiguration as the range expands.

The gallery below shows the installation of these precast walls at the Parker County Sportsman Club of Poolville, Texas. This sportsman club updated just one of their ranges with two 90-foot long Hanson panels, and since then, they have made plans to update their other ranges with Hanson precast panels.

Hanson has custom forms for a 1 foot thick by 12′ tall blast wall.  Bremer walls are easily set up on site.  We can Taylor our concrete mix design to your needs for custom panels

Hanson prebuilds Bremer walls for military bases.  A blast wall is a barrier designed to protect vulnerable buildings or other structures and the people inside them from the effects of a nearby explosion, whether caused by industrial, military action or terrorism.   Often called T-walls, blast walls or bremer walls- they serve the same purpose.

A Bremer wall, or T-wall, is a twelve-foot-high (3.7 m) portable, steel-reinforced concrete wall of the type used for blast protection throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have manufactured t-walls for Military training bases around the US.