Hanscrete Hardscape Landscaping Blocks

If you want to level a steep slope on your property or enclose an area for a decorative garden, a concrete block retaining wall might be just what your landscape needs. With a little effort, you can add a beautifully landscaped area that is easy to maintain.

  • Build the wall straight, curve it in, curve it out or a combination thereof!
  • Recessed Rebar lifting ring for easy setting with a skid loader.
  • Interlocking Blocks can build out or build in.
  • Attractive Textured Face
  • Blocks can be stained using a concrete stain which gives them a color

For a modest investment of time and money, you can refine or redefine a landscape. Or put a few in your garden for a cool seating area on a hot day. They build a creative appeal for landscape projects. Sizes are:

  • 12"x24" 500lbs, 12"x12" 210lbs.
  • Blocks available With Right Hand corner, left hand corner and top cap blocks also available.

The Mid-Size Landscape Block steps back one inch on every course allowing it to lean back into the earth it is retaining. And with tapered sides, the Mid-Size Landscape Block can create curved walls with a radius as tight as six feet to the back of the block. One distinct advantage of our Hanscrete Block is they are poured "Hot" before the concrete has setup in hydration. This gives a much more consistent light color and a stronger wall far superior to any Ready-Mix truck wash out block.

  • Top Cap is 6"x24" and weighs 360#


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