Hybrid Silo Unloader

Ring drive silo unloader - Hybrid - Ideal for big diameter silo

The drive ring's large diameter along with wall to wall suspension arms garantees the perfect equilibrium of the machine without counter weight that has to be adjusted every new and then to match silage conditions

Made of 3/16'' thick steel, the ring segments features a big 11' diameter on 20' and 22' silos; 15' on 24' silos and 19' on 26' and 30' silos

Hybrid Silo Unloader photo

Collector ring

Hybrid Silo Unloader photo



Hybrid Silo Unloader: Chipper wheel

Chipper wheel

The heavy chipper wheel is made of ductile iron to resist shocks. Six self-sharpening hardened steel blades remove silage that clings to the wall.

Hybrid Silo Unloader: High capacity blower

High capacity blower

The 26'' high capacity blower with 3 stainless steel adjustable paddle rotating at 1,225 RPM for 8,330 feet per minute tip speed.

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Ring drive Transmission (guards removed)

Ring drive Transmission (guards removed)

A positive ring and gear drive system provides steady, even cutting under all conditions. Sprocket is driven by a 100:1 worm gear reduction on a shaft from the auger gear box.

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Independent power ring drive (guards removed)

Independent power ring drive (guards removed)

A reliable industrial coupling between motor and the 500:1 gear box assures positive drive. This model require less power during distribution.

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Quality transmission

Quality transmission

A heavy flange coupling between auger and gear box prevents auger from seizing to transmission output shaft. Efficiency: 97 %

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Pressure wheel

Pressure wheel

Cantilevered pressure wheel holds the chipper wheel tight against the silo wall

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Quality transmission

Quality transmission

Providing the power to the heavy-duty auger and knives in frozen, hard pached silage requires a heavy-duty gear box. Rated: 20 HP

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Robust auger

Robust auger

Sharp hardened knives can be installed on auger to chop up the toughest material

Hybrid Silo Unloader: High velocity

High velocity

The blower features 3 stainless steel adjustable impeller paddles that can be set in a swinging or fixed position

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Stainless steel chute base

Stainless steel chute base

Stainless steel chute base resists wear corrosion. Its unique inclined design automatically sets the silage flow for maximum throwing performance.

Hybrid Silo unloader

Hybrid Silo Unloader

Torque Arm

Torque Arm

Ring drive transmission

(Shown with guard removed)

880 SK 880 SK

Independant power ring drive

880 SK


Hybrid Silo Unloader: Powered Distributor

Powered Distributor

In big diameter silos, the powered distributor throws (with 4 paddles rotor) silage against silo wall to get uniform distribution of silage in the shape of a slightly inverted cone.

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Gravity type distibutor

Gravity type distibutor

In small diameter silos (12' to 16'), the gravity type distributor is normally sufficient to achieve a uniform distribution all the way to the top.

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Heavy duty winch

Heavy duty winch

The Valmetal winch features a heavy cast iran gear reducer. Its 50 to 1 gear ratio makes it easy to raise or lower the unloader.

Hybrid Silo Unloader: Electric two-speed hoist

Electric two-speed hoist

Same heavy-duty hoist with 1/2 HP reversing motor and extra reduction for maximum convenience in unloader control.


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