Architectural Dome Roofs


What size (diameters) are available?

We manufacture domes with diameters of 10' 0" to 30' 0" in 2 foot increments.



What materials/colors are available?

Acrylic coated Galvalume known as Galvalume Plus and over 20 colors in flurocarbon (Kynar) coatings. Also available is having the surface powder coated.



Hi my name is Ethan I live in central Indiana and i have a old Hanson silo that I'm restoring and it needs a roof. I was wanting to know if your company does that or not. If so what info would you need from me. Thank you for your help. Thanks Ethan

Ethan- We do install silo roofs. We would need to know what diameter of silo it is and if the top rod is in good shape. Hanson Silo can help with your other silo services such as, leveling, reline, door and chute replacement. We are your one stop silo shop.



I am an Engineer, Aerospace and Electrical, who has spent the past 14 years restoring 2 homes using historical or facsimile products. Inspired by the domes of Italy, my wife and I are looking into building a conservatory with a Hanson dome (probably your medium-sized range). Are your domes suitable for this? Could it be painted with an outdoor metallic paint? I couldn't find a price list on your website. Thank you for your response. John

You can put our dome on your conservatory project. We do not post a price list online, please call 320.664.4171 for pricing. We can put a baked on primer on the roof and you can paint it any color or we could powder coat paint it for you.



Hi, I live on a small family farm in Woodstock, IL--about 60 miles NW of Chicago, 30 miles or so south of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We have an old silo, built in 1935, that everyone tells us should be torn down. (It hasn't been used for a number of years.) It does, in fact, have pieces or cement and mortar falling from the upper areas from time to time. We've the silo with the idea that we might be able to make it into a carillon tower. I think it's not quite large enough in diameter for a real carillon [which would also be prohibitively expensive], but could work for a recording unit that plays the carillon sounds. We don't want to do anything that would be unsafe, but you seem to be able to repair such structures (as opposed to taking it down). Is there some way we could find out from you if the silo is "savable", and an estimate of how much it would cost to do that? What would you need to be able to give us that information? Please advise. Thank you. Pamela Gerloff P.S. Congratulations on keeping your business going thru 4 generations. Quite a feat in today's world!

Pamela, The best thing to do is take some pictures and email me 1MB pictures, We have a high end projector we can zoom and analyze the cracks with our engineers and silo specialists to see if your silo is salvageable and get a ball park price for Hanson Silo Repair to fix your silo.



Hi, Thinking about using a silo roof for a sun shade dome roof for a park project. I think your Hanson 18' dome roof in galvalum finish would work great.

This sounds like an interesting project. Your best bet is to have your local contractor build the base and the stilts and assemble the roof dome on top of it. The ship in pie shaped pieces and are quite easy to install.



I would like some information on silo roofs for residential purposes. I am an architect/builder and am doing a Dairybarn style home. I will need a top for either a 12, 14, or 16 foot diameter room. I am framing the walls with 2 x 6s that are 12 feet tall. Ballpark pricing for delivery to Richmond Virginia would be helpful. Freedom and Joy, John

John- The roof normally fastens under the top rod around the silo. In your case you would fasten it to the wood substrate



I saw a little of your website tonite. I would like to know the least expensive silo roof you offer for a 20ft diameter concrete silo. A straight peak is ok unless you are tooled up for a round roof and it's less $ because of that. Install location is DeKalb,IL. I'm just trying to estimate the costs for now. What is an $ estimate for shipping to DeKalb? How much does it generally cost to have a work crew install it? Thanks, Greg




We need a new dome for one of our silos which blew off this past winter. what information do you need for a replacement?

I'd need to know the diameter of it.



Can you tell me a little more about your commodity storage units? I am looking for up to 10 outdoor storage bins for a municipalities public works building and need information about your storage bins. We are very PRELIMINARY and just starting the research process of what we want/need. We are looking for bins that are enclosed on three sides and open in the front....need to store at least 300 tons of ice slicer, 300 tons of salt, 100 ton of road base, 50 tons of pea gravel, 100 yards of mulch, 100 yards of woodchips. We would like outlets on the bins. Email is best way to reach me....please give me some thoughts on my needs. Thank you.

We have done a lot of public works junk bins with our precast walls.



I need a price on a dome for a faux silo with a 12 foot exterior diameter. We are in the process of designing the building and are looking for the best way to cap the silo. This is being built just outside of Collins Missouri, will house a stairway and needs to be water proof and insulated (any suggestions on the best way to do this with your product?) Thanks, Todd

Todd- A 12' or 14 foot dome roof will really dress up your project. Either way, we can help.



Looking for a quick/affordable solution to store 1M bushels of grain this fall/winter. Was thinking a bunker style with a structured cover....much like a soft sided building. How big do I need to be to hold 1M bushels? Can you get me information on my options? Mark

Mark- there are a few different size options to hit that dimension based on how you want to fill this structure, what the soil bearing capacity is and the available space.


Farm Equipment


I've always been curious about those center hole bottom unload silo unloaders. How do you fill them to get the center hole formed? Has there been any problems with the center hole plugging? I guess you have to put a false floor in the bottom of the silo with a cross conveyor? Jake

Hi Jake good questions. You must have seen our youtube video. The unloader runs backwards when you are filling the silo and packs the feed into the walls. There is a hole forming tube that goes into the silage and the unloader packs around it. None of the Valmetal bottom unloaders Hanson Silo has out have had major hole plugging. We did put in a tunnel and a conveyor to get the feed out of the bottom of the silo. We can retro fit your top unloading or bottom unloading silo to use this high capacity unloader.



Thinking of buying a used valmetal batch mixer. I would also like to look hanson's new valmetal mixers. Can you do a demo at my farm? George Stearns County, MN

George- You came to the right place. Hanson Silo does trade batch mixers and the inventory changes daily. I can check to see what we have for used valmetal vertical tmr mixers. Yes Hanson does do on farm demos of our valmetal mixers and Total Mixed Ration (TMR) mixers.



Hi We have a 30x90 foot sealed Feedstor Silo. It has a Big Jim Butler unloader right now. We would like to know if the Valmetal unloader is manufactured up to 30 feet in size for replacement in our silo.

Valmetal does make their V2000 center hole silo unloader in a 30ft size. Other silo unloader sizes for Hanson Silo's Valmetal V2000 are: 20, 24, 25 for Harvestores, 26 and 30 footers.



I am looking for a new Hanson silo unloader to replace my vandale single cable unloader and I live in Ulen MN and I can't find a dealer close to here.

Yes. I will have our salesman call you shortly. You're probably looking for our Posi-Trac ring drive silo unloader.



I am wondering what Producer Ag Shows you will be at this year, I'd like to come and see your bunker silos and feeding equipment.

We are exhibiting at: MN Milk Producers Show December 8, 2009 in St. Cloud, MN. Nebraska Power Farming Show December 9, 2009 in Lincoln, NE. Dakota Farm Show Vermillion, SD Also the South Dakota Grain and Feed Association (sdgafa.org) in Sioux Falls, SD on December 14-15, 2010. The North Dakota Grain Dealers Association Show in Fargo, ND on Jan 17-18, 2010. The Sioux Falls Farm Show on January 27, 2010 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Iowa Power Farming Show in Des Moines, IA. Feb. 2-4, 2010. Central Plains Dairy Expo in Sioux Falls, SD on March 31- April 1, 2010.



I need to replace my old unloader with the trac wheels because the old silage has holes in it and the wheels don't work. I talken with a person with you at the Des Moines Farm and Machinery show. I'm interested in putting in a rebuilt ring drive in my 18-50 Hanson Stove silo

We can get a ring drive in next week.



need parts for a cd3000 unloader. parts needed, 2 augers,price on impeller housing, price on complete new unloader that fits a 20' diameter silo that can handle haylage and ryelage

I'll give you a call.



Hi I'm looking for concrete cattlebunks. Can you tell me about your cattle bunks?

We have a 14" feed bunk, J bunk shape, that your cattle can eat out of.



Was just wondering if you had any pricing information available on your autoration products? I know there is many variables/options but a general pricing guideline would be helpful. Also, i would like to see one in action. I live in southeast SD. What would be my options? Thanks Justin

We do have more information on the only fully automated feeding system that requires no human intervention. I toured many dairies running autoration. It is a no brainer.



We just bought a new JD 8 row corn head and will be needing a new head transport. Could I get more info and prices? Larry Phillips

Yes the ST25 header trailer works really well for that.


Precast Concrete


we are looking at building a Hanson concrete demolition transfer station and I saw one of your building at the Waseca county highway department I would like to get some size and price info. Troy

Troy- I will have a Hanson Silo Precast Concrete sales representative contact you to discuss your recycling/sanitation demolition transfer project.



I'm looking for a cement containment wash out block to store garbage in and compact with my loader. I've heard them called mafia blocks, coffin block, windsor block. Does hanson make these? John Michael

John- Hanson makes cement panels, 500 pound cement block, concrete picnic tables and bench sets. Hanson has sold precast wall panels for sanitation garbage and recycling centers.



I am looking for a high capacity 2 million bushel plus permanent but temporary grain storage walls in Nebraska and South Dakota. Does Hanson build temporary grain storage in these states through millwrights? Scott Meyer

Bob- Hanson supplies temporary cement wall panel storage for a few millwrights in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and Missouri. We can help you.



What is the strongest bunker shape for wheat storage in Iowa?

The oval shape grain storage bunker is a very popular shape for corn, wheat and soybeans. Hanson is your best choice in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Indiana.



I would like to use your cement panels as a flood protection wall for an alternative to sandbagging around our city well. Sand bags are such a mess we are looking for a better flood protection solution.

We can help you. We have used concrete wall panels for both temporary flood protection, sand bag alternative and permanent landscaped flood barriers.



I am working on a municipal project that requires a series of storage bin (for aggregate, materials to be recycled and other lose materials). We are looking to provide precast/reinforced concrete panels to function as walls in this storage application. Is it possible to utilize that product in a municipal application? If not, is there another product that you might be able to recommend? Also, the project site is located in Atlantic County, NY (near Atlantic City, NJ), I am wondering where the closest distributor might be. Thanks!

A Hanson self supporting Bunker Wall will be your best bet. Hanson's reinforced concrete panels are engineered to 100 lbs per cubic foot. We operate factory direct, we have 5 installation crews and did a Municipal Recycler project in New Jersey last year. It looks like your project will be 80 panels if we go with an 8 lineal foot panel. Our sizes are 12' 8.5' 8' 6' and 5' high. Thanks



I'm wanting to build a 100x400 flat storage. I'm planning on storing corn in it about 500,000 bushel. I was wanting to get a ballpark figure on what something this size would cost using your Hanson concrete bunkers. Thanks

A 100x400 on farm grain bunker would be ideal. You should be able to attain 560,000 bu in a bunker this size. I will send you a quote with prices.



We are in the process of building a storage building in eastern NY state at a paper mill for paper sludge storage and we are interested in determining if you can supply the precast walls for the installation.

Eugene- Hanson Silo has done concrete containment systems in New Jersey before for Recycled scrap metal storage. We could seal up our T walls for your paper sludge. Thank you.



We are looking to build an explosive ordinace range. The walls would need to have a 7 ft wide base that is one foot thick. the wall it self would be one foot thick and 8 ft high. I have a completed drawing of what is wanted but we are open to other suggestions also. thank you for any information you could provide




We are interested in putting in some temporary grain storage for milo sorghum, and are inquiring about your concrete bunkers. Thanks, Richard from Kansas

Richard- our temporary grain storage bunker systems are an ideal choice for grain elevators. Visit our grain reclaim page and look at options there. I will call you back.



I work for a large phosphate and Potash Crop Nutrition Group and am Interested in building covered bunker silos. Storage 200 - 500 tons.

Hanson builds different storage configurations for fertilizer, crop and potash. On sale today.



Interested in building covered bunker silos. Storage 200 - 500 tons

We build the concrete walls and ship them all over North America. We work with a variety of partners when it comes to the multiple covering options on bunkers.



I am thinking of building a buncker and I need to Know what your precast walls cost. 30X60x10or12

Geff- I'll get you some figures. Are you looking to store feedstuffs or grain in your bunker?



Do you offer anaerobic digestion feedstock storage systems with your precast concrete?

We have done NCRS approved projects for digestion systems using our 8'L bunker walls. I'll send you some more information on that.



Do you have engineered containment walls for bio reactors? I need 10 1 million gallon bio reactors for algae.

We are the top choice for engineered containment walls. Our modular systems can be easily expanded to fit your changing needs.



I am looking into building a 34 X 80 Farm Tek hoop barn for hogs, and I was wondering if you make the concrete blocks that can be used as the pony wall for something like this. What sizes do they come in? What is the cost? What else do I need to know? How heavy are these, and does the ground need to be compacted to prevent settling, etc? Thanks

Lisa- we can build a bunker pony wall from 5' up to 12' high. 5' weigh 3,200lbs and the 12'T weigh 12,500lbs. How many linear feet do you want?



Hi, I am interested on you bunker type precast wall for storage. For a project in NYC, I would like to use precast wall for our muck pit.It is a closed square. Height around 5 to 6ft. Can you tell me more about your products. Thanks.

Hanson has both 5 and 6ft walls. They are best of breed. You'll be happy with our containment walls.



I was looking for dimensional drawings for the "T" style containment walls for 8' 6" and 10' 6" high walls. Looking for base width, thickness of wall at top and bottom. Also, if you have drawings showing the rebar layout of the walls would be helpful in evaluation of potential use.

I can get thoes dwg files to you.



We would like a price for a 12' diameter x 8' tall concrete grain silo for a project in Gunnison Colorado. Thanks, Shannon




Ho much do your ten foot bunker walls, the free standing upside down T ones cost? Also how wide are they? Please answer my question via email. Susan

Not much they are great value



I have been researching concrete panels to be used at our Town's recycling facility and I came across your site. I was wondering if you could provide me with some more information about your companies precast concrete bunkers. We are looking to create a wall using concrete panels that would have recycling material being pushed against it. The wall would be 5' high and 60'in lenth. Could you provide me with cost estimate information (including materials and delivery to MA) and any product information that we could look over. Response via email is fine. Thank you

I'll get you information on our concrete recycling panels.



Can you give us information about ( Hanson Silo has engineered concrete panels designed to store commodities with weights up to 130 pounds per cubic foot ) and price idea. Best Regards

I will contact you to discuss the vigorous engineering tests we've done.



I have been researching concrete panels to be used at our Town's recycling facility and I came across your site. I was wondering if you could provide me with some more information about your companies precast concrete bunkers. We are looking to create a wall using concrete panels that would have recycling material being pushed against it. The wall would be 5' high and 60'in lenth. Could you provide me with cost estimate information (including materials and delivery to MA) and any product information that we could look over. Response via email is fine. Thank you.

Meghan- You'll be very happy with the pricing. Our panels are the best value on the market.



I am looking for a silo pit. Do you make silo pit walls? I currently have an on ground silage pile and looking at a bunker to increase my feed quality and decrease hassle and waste.

We do make silage pit walls. We have several customers in your area and would like to take you to their farm and show you how the silo walls are working for them.



I want to storage about 3000 cub yard of silage. To feed to the beef cattle over a 12 month period. Please quote me your most economical method to do it. I will do the construction and the hauling. Price FOB your works.

We build the longest lasting- lowest cost of ownership system. I'll call you shortly



concrete silage panels or we call them silage pit walls. what size and cost do you have?

Yes. please call us at 320.664.4171



I need a budget price on a circular wall ~ 200' diameter 12' high with an option for 20' high utilizing fabric or equivalent siding material. This project is located in Charleston, WV at the Power Plant. It is located on a gyspum stock out pad. The concrete pad is 17" thick we can attach to. If interested call to discuss for more details. Thanks Brad

Brad- Hansons concrete is the right place for you. Thanks



I am in need of a concrete grain bin for an elevator expansion. #1. is low cost per bushel. #2 is strength and engineering. Thanks, Tim

Hanson is a world leader in concrete temporary flat storage grain bin manufacturing, Hanson offers the strongest and heaviest steel rebar storage tanks in the industry with capacities up to 4 million bushel. Our tank sidewall is precast at the Hanson plant. The heavier gauge sidewall allows us to provide taller tanks with our advanced design, compared to other manufacturers who provide wood or 5 gauge sidewalls as their maximum thickness and rely on lamination to try to match the concrete strength.



Can I get a quote for 5' high bunker panels for a storage building with a fabric membrane building on top? The building will be 50'x84' with a 14' opening in one of the 50' sides. Please include delivery and installation of panels to Milwaukee, WI. Thanks. Let me know if you have any questions.

I'll get you a quote right away.



Requesting pricing info on bunker silo walls 8 and 10 foot tall.

Ok- I will call you.



You sell the exact product that I am looking for! However, I am in Eastern North Carolina. I would like to set up two storage units that are 8’ high 150’ long and 75’ wide using a common wall in the middle. I see that you have exactly what I am looking for but is it practical to ship this far? Do you have a plant that is closer to me by chance? Thank you for your time. I am available using the information below. I would look forward to hearing from you.

We ship to Carolina our package with freight included costs much less than engineering and pouring a concrete wall in place in most of the 48 states. I'll get you a quote.



Looking at steel fence storage for coal. what are the main differences between steel coal storage and concrete?

The concrete coal storage will withstand the test of time much better than a steel grain fence. It is a more permanent yet portable and modular approach you'll be happy with.



Have you ever constructed a bunker silo for wood or other pellets? If not, have you ever heard of such a thing? I am investigating biofuel production for the US Government Armed Forces. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Yes, we have constructed commercial storage bunkers for wood chips. I'll get y ou some info on that.



I am reasearching a composting site for my hog farm. I think that 8 bays that are about 16 ft by 30 ft will work well with Hanson T panels. I think I would like a quote on 8 ft and 12 ft walls. the size can be adjusted a bit to avoid cutting any sections short. I spoke with a Hanson Sales Rep a bit about this on the phone. Total size would be 30x120. I am considering a hoop roof or traditional roof to install on top. I am also considering a large machine storage shed. About 70x160 using hanson cement walls and a hoop roof. Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks

Jack- You called the right place. Hanson has many many projects where our modular pre cast wall systems have helped producers achieve their optimal flexibility on our systems.



Do you have any concrete Bunker silos to storage Urea and Muriate of Potash (KCL or MOP). What is the size of them for a heigt of 9m? What is the costo of them? Thanks

Yes sir.



I'm interesting in bulkhead walls for dividing a cement bunker for fertilizer storage. Would be looking for 100 to 120 feet ASAP

Our bulk head walls can span up to 12 feet. You may want to anchor them to prevent against the slide factor when setting them on smooth concrete.



We are looking into putting up a clearspan building for dry fertilizer storage. I see on your site you have a 6' L panel that is suitable for walls for this type of application. What is the weight of an 8' section? What is the cost per 8' section? I would likely freight the walls to my location with my own truck. Also, what is the availability of these wall sections right now and do you have any financing options available for this product? Please email me with info on these questions or you may call me anytime. Thank You

We do have a 6'L Foundation Panel. Each 8' section weighs about 7,600lbs. I normally work up a number on the whole project, How many linear feet are you looking at?



We are looking for a salt storage option. Dimension are 18'X 18'. Height of precast walls desired is 8'6". Could someone please contact me regarding a cost estimate for the product, delivery and any other additional cost that may be associated with this purchase. Thank You,

I will contact you with more information on our salt storage precast walls.



I am in need of Protection Walls to set inside a building. We are looking at steel containment walls but they are cost prohibitive to be wheel loader resistant. Can you help me and send me pricing?

Certainly. Our T panels are solid concrete and stood the test of time of wheel loaders unloading against them within reason. Modular Protection walls can help save your building and you can replace 1 eight foot panel if need be rather than the whole wall.



We're doing a project and I saw your Prefabbed T panels and I am wondering if they would work for paper storage in a warehouse?

The best way to start is with our bunker configurator on the home page. This tool will give you storage estimates of our prebuilt concrete T wall for your salvage project.



Thinking about putting a concrete liner wall in my building. I own an old warehouse and want to use this space to pile bulk aggregates and materials in. What is the best way to do that for a concrete liner?

Usually a Hanson L shaped prebuilt concrete wall works the best for a building liner wall. Similar to a liner kit used on a grain building, but with the ability to change and not put the stress on the building side wall. Our L panels fit close to the wall to gain maximum capacity and are free standing. In some applications you may need to anchor the heel to prevent slide depending on what you are going to set them on.



I need the ability reconfigure and build a system big enough for my needs down the road. STORAGE CAPACITY is an important factor in my precast BUNKER SILO PANELS. I've heard Hanson concrete bunker silo panels are the best.

You certainly called the right place. One of the biggest mistakes I hear time and time again is: Failure to plan for the future. Some people throw $ away on plastic silo bags each year, others are convinced pouring walls are the answer. But Precast concrete Bunker Walls are one of the most versatile products in your operation. Many of our customers move them around for different uses from Fertilizer storage to feed and dry grains.



Hi, I'm looking for a supplier to provide pre-cast walls approx 8' high, 440 Lin ft. want to use the walls as an above grade retaining wall for commodity and pushing wall, also to place fabric structure on top of walls. the project locaiton is in Milford, CT. Do you have suppliers in that region?

How wide of a commodity building would you want?



I am looking for the most economical way to store fertilizer. About 2000 tons of Urea (50ppcf) in two bins. (1000 each) I like your concrete containment walls but I would need to completely close it in. What do you recommend? Arnolds

I would recommend storing the fertilizer in a building and put our walls inside the building. You can do this a few ways: Put a hoop building over the panels (this allows maximum airflow for your caustic fertilizer), Put a stick built building over the panels or on top of them. Each situation is a little different.



We are building a recycling facility in an existing building with a slab floor and are looking to implement a storage bunker system. I would like to get pricing on various sizes of your T modules to get an idea of cost. We are looking for roughly 300' linear feet of 8' to 12' high t walls. Thanks - Jeff

They T modules work well for separating materials in recycling.



I am looking for a price for 600 ft fence line feed bunks and dilivery to Mclaughlin, SD 57642. Feel free to email or call thanks.

We have a premium J bunk. We use a 444 wire mesh in our bunks, so they are resistant to holes after years of use.



Good Morning, We are interested in further sorting of our scrap metal raw materials. We would like to put some of our material in bins for easier handling but we utilize a pretty aggressive material handling practice at our facility using CAT 988H wheel loaders to move our scrap. My questions: 1) Would your walled systems be able to withstand large amounts of weight and pressure from the scrap and loaders? 2) How high can materials be stored effectively in your walled bins? 3) For my cost reasons, can you give me an estimate of how much one standard wall section would cost with its dimensions?

We have the best engineering in the industry. The best part about going with a modular wall is if one panel gets damaged, you can replace one rather than the whole wall.



I am looking to replace a poured (and now cracked) 150' long by 12' tall bunker wall. We would be looking to have your company come out and install. We are located in eastern Wis just 30 miles south of Green Bay. Could you give me an estimate of the cost? Thanks

Pete- We see that all the time. Producers are trying to save $ upfront with cast in place concrete and all they get is a monument that costs a lot of money to break apart when you are done. Our Precast concrete bunker silos are often worth half the $ they spent upfront when they are done using them. Resale or Pay to get rid of, you make the call.



Looking for pricing on the 12' and 16' prefab concrete silage bunker walls

You contacted the right place. We have pre cast and prefab concrete walls. Some are insulated sandwich panels.



How much are 12' T-panels Looking for a place to put 4th crop alfalfa. have area 60x100-120 I could put them. Also that dairy in bunker video install put panels on dirt? How did that work out?

It depends on how much annual rainfall you get in your area and soil conditions when deciding what substrate to set the bunkers on.



I'm researching Precast walls for our shooting range. I know your in MN and I'm in NC but just looking into ball park cost for 10 or 12 foot tall wall sections. Just checking silo walls as a possible solution. We would be installing 2 walls 160 ft long

We do have shooting walls. We recently complete a precast berm shooting wall in Poolville, TX



We have a 147.3' by 440.5' covered concrete slab with 10' concrete retaining walls. The walls on this flat storage have started pushing outwards. To counteract this the previous owners of this location piled mounds of dirt on the outside of the walls. You were recommended by VAA engineering firm. We would be interested if you could provide a solution for us. Possibly put concrete walls inside this building Thank you!

We see this a lot putting hanson walls in an old building to contain the load of the grain and let the building wall hold up the roof. They work great, 8,12 or 16' high L walls



I need a quote on the 12' and 16' Ts 300' FOB your plant, if you could quote this and send it to me that would be awesome. Thank you, Ross Marcus Marcus Construction.

On its way, they are a great divider wall for fertilizer buildings. Movable and resalable


Silo Repair


Can i buy just the silo rings to reinforce a 24 ft water tank? I need the hoops and connectors and nuts, but no staves. I'd need silo bands, lugs and nuts to complete this tank.

Yes. We provide several stock combinations and custom sizes of silo hoops from 10' up to 30' and larger. Our rods are 9/16" 60,000 lb tensile strength and silo bands work well to fasten large structures.



I am looking for a silo conversion on both a madison stave bottom unload silo and one of my harvestores we have been having problems with. Can you convert the silo when it is full?

Great. Hanson has completed several hundred silo conversions from bottom unload to top. We still can do it when the silo is full, we prefer to do it before you fill.



I am looking for price ranges for a conversion kit from btm unloader to chute/top unloader for an 80 ft Harvestore and possibly a set up at our farm.

We are the #1 installer of conversions. I'll get the crew down there next week.



We have a concrete stave silo that developed a crack in early spring. We would like to have it shock creted the bottom 20 feet. We'd like to know a price for doing that as well as a time frame that it might be able to be done. Thank you Harold

Shot crete or Gunnite is a good solution to reinforce your old silo and strengthen it. I will give you a call



I have a harvestore silo which has been converted to top unloading but there has never been a tripod installed. I would like to put a tripod on this silo so I didn't have to remove the unloader each year. Can you give me the name of someone who can do this work?

We have a tripod kit with stiffeners that go onto the top sheet sections. We can add this on to your Steel silo- thanks



We are preliminarily looking at building a wireless site for a carrier in Colorado and are wanting to get a rough order of magnitude on what a silo installation would cost. Assume a 24' diameter, 60 feet tall.

I would suggest a 20 x 60' for the wireless. It catches a lot less wind.


Commercial Silo/ Grain Elevator Repair


We are a large food and grain company and have a annex of 20 silos we use for oats, barley, and wheat. We our commercial silos are leaking and need to be re sealed. Does Hanson offer this kind of services?

Hanson's commercial silo repair team has over 78 years of combined experience. We can help you.



We have a number of stave silos that we are considering having replastering done . Silos are 18 and 20 dia. X 50' , These are grouped and covered by a flat cement top , also sitting on a flat bottom , with tunnels under them . they are used for storage of grains barley ,corn . Would like getting a quote on this project Thank You Dale

Hanson Silo offers commercial replastering of the inside of silo clusters and outside concrete repair. We can seal cracks and repair spalled concrete, tuck pointing with a variety of industrial bonds and caulking.


Powder Coat and Blasting Services


i have a race car i would like to have blasted and powder coated i was wondering what the price would be the color would be black

John- we have several options on black. Textured finish and a variety of glosses. I will get some prices together. If your race car frame is currently liquid painted or not at all it will blast much easier and cost less.



I'm building a trailer and wanted to see what it would cost to get it powder coated instead of just painting it. It will be an enclosed trailer (8'x14' w/ 4' V nose) so overall dimensions are 8' wide, ~23' long and ~8' tall. The main trailer is mostly 5" channel, the enclosure skeleton is 1x2 and 2x2 square tube. Its all new metal, but I'm guessing you'd have to do a quick media blast. It does have a torsion axle so I'd have to check with the axle mfg about temperature limits. Thanks in advance, Joe

Joe- I will get you a quote right away. You will need to take the axle off most likely.


Feed Storage


i need pricing on 120 of the secure gravel bags

our secure cover gravel bags work well for many uses.



I farm about 90 North of Denver, CO and I am looking for a modular temporary grain storage system that could double as silage storage down the road. We have a slab we could set the walls on. The concrete slab is 150'x 200'and I am looking to store 150,000 bushel of corn. What size would you recommend. I saw your video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGSw-vVCER4 and liked the versatility of the hanson system.

Dave- I will get you some more information on the options you have.



I have a 10 foot high buttress style corn bunker with high moisture corn stored in it. It is old and I want to take down the one 208' stationary wall and replace with a Hanson stationary walls T panel system about 10.5' high. how much are they a foot? I need to check with my poured wall guy too for a price.

I will have a Hanson salesman call you with that information. A few things you are going to want to consider are: what is the cost of engineering your poured in place wall? We have seen these costs in the $3,000 to $5,000 range. What if you'd like to change the configuration in the future? Poured wall you have to jack hammer it apart and find a place to take it. With a Hanson stationary wall- it is modular so you can easily move it or re sell it. I am sure you can find a 'cheaper' basement formed wall, but do you really want that? That is the question.



i would like to build a silage storage facility. Are you familiar with FSA and their farm storage loan programs?

Yes sir. Our sales staff is well versed on the different FSA loan programs.



Bunker Silo information Greetings! I am interested in the pricing of you 6' and 8' pre-cast bunker silo walls. Any information or a price list would be very helpful!

both our 6 and 8 ft walls will yield higher feed quality than your earthen silo pit.



Greetings! My farm owns/operated a dairy farm and we are wanting another bunker for silage storage. When have two already, but they are just built into the side of a hill. I am interested in the pricing of you 6' and 8' pre-cast bunker silo walls. We are located in NE Oklahoma.

That is a good choice. Your feed quality will increase significantly with our 6 or 8 foot wall panels.



I am looking for a bunker silo capacity chart. Do you have silo capacity charts you could send me?

yes. We have a bunker silo capacity chart and a configurator which has helped many producers size up their project, whether it bunker silo for this year or a bunker silo for next year.



i'm looking at a better cleaner way to store silage than bags i'd like to find out what kind of price would be for a 16'x60' silo with unloader and if there is any financing

You called the right place. A Hanson Bunker or a Silo is much cleaner and environmentally friendly way to store feed.



Could you please give us a cost estimate on a commodity shed like the one that we have viewed on line with your company it is the one with 7 bays. Also the dimensions of the panels and the building. Thank You Kyle

What height walls would you like? What is the total running feet?



I am interested in getting a quote on a 60' x 100' x 12' concrete silage bunker. It would be located at ND. Thank you, Bob

Bob- We are the leader of concrete silage bunker. Our Bunker Silo is the best in the West.



I am looking at a 40 X 120 X 10 silage bunker and a commodity shed with 3 bays 20 X 40. Can you give me an estimate on the cost of these delivered and set up in Winner SD. Also do you build the commodity shed or do you just do the panels. Thank you. E-mail would be the best way to reply. John Watkins

We do not build the top part as there are so many different ways to do that and most producers have contractors to do that. We specialize in Bunker Silo and commodity storage bin part.



I have a feed pile in on the ground and am looking for an earthen bunker or some silo pit walls. I would like to put up 50,000 bushel of high moisture corn in my silo pit walls on one side and in the other bay of the silo pit ground ear corn or snapplage.

A great part about our silo liner walls or as we call them bunkers is you can adjust or scale them to the commodity to fit your rations as they change. Many of our customers like kicker cells on the side to put dry distillers, beat pulp and other by products from refineries and ethanol plants. Talk to your nutritionist for the best mix we can help store it afford-ably.



I currently feed: Potato Slurry, Wet Corn Gluten, WDGs, course ground hay, pressed cake (about 25% DM), soil pellets, wet distillers grains. How does your pre fabbed system work with these feedstuffs?

From beet pulp, to bubble gum, we've seen it all. I will contact you and take a look at this bunker silo project.



Hi, I am in the midst of purchasing a farm with 3 large Silos that were used for a dairy operation. I continue to believe, to the disdain or my father and uncle, that they could be used in a beef operation. The silos are structurally sound, but have not been used in 20 years since the dairy closed down. All the mechanics would need to be replaced... So, am I right, is it a better option than buying brand new haying equipment. And, what would be the costs to get them back in working order? Can you contact me. Or provide a name and number of someone I could speak to in sales?

They work well for easy beef feeding. Push button farming.



we are looking at purchasing a dairy farm in winnipeg, manitoba. Not sure if you send product to canada or not? looking at putting up 12' high by 200' long bunker silos would be 2 bunkers so 3 sets of walls if you dont mind getting back to me that would be great, Thanks

You'll find our precast concrete feed centers have a great deal of value far beyond the price of freight going to Canada.



I am looking at 3 bunkers for silage. 24-130 size each. would like a recomendation on size and way to protect from spoilage. also, include pricing. Also wonder if using a facer is going to help my dry matter density. Thanks, Paul

Paul- I have a few ideas that can help maximize your dry matter density and reduce spoilage in your feedstuffs. We have several Hanson customers who are getting superior quality feed out of their bunker system and making them a lot of money.



I am interested in the cost of your panels for storing silage on the ground.

You certainly contacted the right place. We offer a low cost per ton of silage.



Need the following information on your L concrete panels 1. price and freight 2. availability when would order be done? 3. weight and ease of moving 4. would you have a truck coming our way (Kimball SD) WE are looking to use the panel for endcap on high moisture corn bunker. needing round 30-32ft of 8 ft panels. 4 8s, depending on how heavy and easily they would move.

We can help with that.



I need a cost estimate for a bunk silo. 2 side walls and a end wall. We needed enough storage for about 1,200 tons. I realize the costs have changed since then, but if you could resurrect that e-mail with current pricing, and resend, it would be appreciated. Thanks, Dennis from Paris, Kentucky

We have the best earlage storage sturctures. Earlage is a valuable feedstuff that contains both roughage (husks and cob) and concentrate (corn grain). In this way it is similar to corn silage, though earlage has an advantage in that earlage harvest leaves the stalk and the leaves in the field. Often to make bales from it.



Need the following information on your L concrete panels 1. price and freight 2. availability when would order be done? 3. weight and ease of moving 4. would you have a truck coming our way (Kimball SD) WE are looking to use the panel for endcap on high moisture corn bunker. needing round 30-32ft of 8 ft panels. (either 4 8s or 3 10s, depending on how heavy and easily they would move

We have some movable 8'L panels that are pretty easily reconfigured.



Looking at your ezrake silage facer. What is the reach of the eazy rake? What is the cost of e-z rake? What does it weigh? Thanks, dave

Hanson's patented Ez rake defacer is the preferred feeding tool for beef and dairy producers. We make 8 different sizes on loaders with reach from 14-59' depending on the loader. Check out this link for eazy rake specifications http://easyrakefacer.com/the-easy-rake-video-and-specs/


Grain Storage Systems


I am pricing an on farm grain storage system. The things important to me are: low cost per bushel compared to a bin. We are currently working with Brand X and they have a package with square corners. Last I checked my dry corn won't flow into a square corner. I really like your round end corn storage design and I am looking to store 300,000 bushel. Does Hanson make systems cost effective enough for a progressive farmer like me?

Stan- I'll get out there this evening and bring project photos of the hundreds of millions of bushel of corn storage we've done. We'll get you a grain store system you are happy with that will meet your low target cost per bushel.



I need Bulkhead walls for cracked corn. It would be 2 bays about 30' each. Bulkhead walls would be set up in a building.

We can help with your bulkhead wall need.



Would like some information on grain bunkers for this fall, we would use them for corn. Looking for a bunker that holds approx 500,000-750,000 bushel. Probably looking for two bunkers at different locations. Thank you, Tim A.

Tim- Hanson is your 1 stop shop for permanent temporary grain storage. Our grain storage bunkers are all over the country side at farms and elevators.



We are looking at building a grain storage facility in Valley City, ND for a past client. Would like to get a quote from you for 12' bunker panels 180' x 480' bunker. Thank you Darrell

Darrell- We can get that worked up for you. It is a good idea to consider Our wireless cloud based grain management system too. It is a low cost per bushel way to keep an eye on your flatstorage grain in realtime



We have a 147.3' by 440.5' covered concrete slab with 10' cast in place concrete retaining walls. The walls on this flat storage have started pushing outwards. To counteract this the previous owners of this location piled mounds of dirt on the outside of the walls- this still is failing. You were recommended by VAA engineering firm. We would be interested if you could provide a solution for us. Possibly put Hanson concrete walls inside this building.

We can put our 12'L precast walls inside your existing building. This allows our wall to contain the load while your existing walls hold the roof up.



We have a 147.3' by 440.5' covered concrete slab with 10' cast in place non engineered concrete retaining walls. The walls on this flat storage have started pushing outwards- like they all do. To counteract this the previous owners of this location piled mounds of dirt on the outside of the walls. You were recommended by VAA engineering firm. We would be interested if you could provide a solution for us. Possibly put concrete walls inside this building Thank you!

Bob- we can help you.



We have an ethanol plant in Central Kansas. We seek a cost-effective way to reliably storage corn or milo from Harvest in Sep-Oct-Nov until the following Jul/Aug. We fear a ground pile will not last past May. What do you recommend?

Many of our customers leave grain in their bunkers until August. I recommend using the extron grain monitoring system in that case so you know the condition of the grain at all times at your fingertips on your iphone



Am interested in more info on your fertilizer rake product. Can you please send me more info including different sized available and costs. I will contact you after looking over the info. We have a Cat 906H loader with bobcat style attachment. Southwest Grain

We can get you set up. We have fert poker rakes at many warehouses around the world.


Bulk Storage


I am in need of some containment walls for a coke storage facility. How much do your concrete panels cost for the bulk coke storage?

Hanson ships our walls all over the US for a variety of storage applications.



Hello, Im looking to get some price quotes on an Easy Rake for my company's Fertilizer Plant. We have a Deer 444J en-loader and need to find something would work with that. Thank You for your time

We do have a specialized fertilizer rake for this application. It works well for safety removing bridged up fertilizer



I am building a 70 by 300 dry fertilizer plant and want to use your bunker divider/walls as an exterior footing/wall. I would require 8 foot exterior walls and 12 foot interior. I see very similar applications in your gallery. Please send bunker divider info including available sizes, weights, and budget costs. Thank You

Hanson bunker walls work great for Fertilizer storage from 500 ton facilities up to 35,000 ton fert plants we have panels in use in some facet or another.



I am looking to put up a single urea bin next to our existing dry fert. storage building. the footprint would be approx. 22' x 34', I'm limited for space. how tall of your concrete wall could be erected? the roof would be a shingle type. thank you, Darrin

Depending on the space constraints we can go up to 16' fert walls.



Would you please send me an estimate for 2 rows of bunker panels 80 long for storing product on both sides of the panel. It will be for fertilizer, the side panels for the perimeter they have from a hanson panel system and now they want 3 large bins. The current panels are 8 tall. For the center dividing panels start at 8 but go as high as you can, is 16 still your highest? Provide a freight estimate to Davenport IA.

Sounds like a good plan, we have divided many fertilizer buildings with our portable bulkheads



I am interested in the fertilizer rakes that you have. We have a John Deere 244J payloader. What are my easy rake options for such a payloader? Do you have different lengths available? I think the 34' might be too long to get into our fertilizer bins. 20' works might be able to get a 25' in the bin. How much is a rake for a telehander?

Deere 244J has length options from 6' long to 16' plus the height of your hinge pin. EZ Rake for telehander can reach 61' up With a 55' boom.



I am interested in the fertilizer rakes that you have. We have a John Deere 244J payloader. What are my options for such a payloader? Do you have different lengths available? I think the 34' might be too long to get into our fertilizer bins. 20' works might be able to get a 25' in the bin. How much is a rake for a telehander? Bob

We have built the commercial easy rakes in 6, 12, 16 and 20' lengths. The 20 will reach about 34' with a high lift loader. Telehandler is also a good option. The fert rake can work around the rods that tie the bins together.


Head Transports







Our ST Series header cart is a great solution for producers who are using stalk stompers and want to leave them on the head while transporting.


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