Hanson Commodity Shed

In building a Hanson Commodity Shed, a wide range of designs exists. Do you want several small bays, a few large ones? What are my needs? What are my needs going to be in 5 years are questions you want to ask yourself. However, when you talk to producers who are happy with their commodity storage sheds, you start to see a pattern of what works. Working with Hanson's sales team gives you cumulatively over 115 years of feedstuffs storage and expertise is a big asset. Below are a few pointers to help you.

Slope bays outward and peak the roof past the walls so rain and snow melt don't flow into the storage bays.

Pour the optional concrete floors after the pre-cast walls have been set. This prevents water from leaking into an adjacent bay when cleaning between loads. It also saves a great deal of concrete being the wall panels have built in footings on the T design = less yards to buy from the ready mix plant.

Design the commodity shed to have two more bins than you think you need. If your system is getting too costly - leave them out and we can come back and add on later.

This allows you to rotate feeds, clean bins between loads and pre-mix commodities if desired

Slope the concrete apron in front of the bays away from the bays.

Include a bay for dry rolling or processing grain as well as grinding hay.


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