Computerized Feeding Robots- Making a Dairy Farmer's Job Easier.

Autoration is the culmination of Automation and perfect feed Rations. It is the only technology specially designed to automate your entire feeding system. Not only have farmers seen an increase in production from accurate mixing, but they save as much as 3 HOURS EVERYDAY for feeding. From the silos to the feeding area, it takes care of the whole feeding process without human intervention.

Use Autoration in free stall barns Or Stanchion Barns

Autoration Automatic Feeding System Facts:

  • Computer, 14" color screen and electronic scale in sealed panel with heating element to control the inner atmosphere.
  • Capacity of 16 recipes, 16 ingredients per recipe.
  • Thorough management of inventories.
  • Live screen simulation of the belt feeders in operation.
  • Automatic correction of overflowing ingredients (i.e. quantity on conveyor when unloader stops).
  • User-friendly software, easy to program even for non-experienced computer users.
  • Software updates, support and modification auto updating modem.
  • Safety controls logs with alarm for each ingredient.
  • Automatic control of your silo unloaders (delays and amperage readings).
  • Automatic control of the belt feeders.
  • Operator's manual on screen (help function).
  • Time mode in case of scale failure.
  • UPS battery backup which saves all data in case of power failure.
  • System can be controlled manually at any time.
  • Designed to accept existing starters.
  • CSA approved.

Duane, Rachel, Chelsea & Cody Hoffman, Woodel Holsteins Farms, Lowville, Lewis Country, NY. USA.

"I was a bit scared of those automatic computer controlled systems. After they demonstrated how simple it is and all the safety features and alternatives, I felt more confident. Besides saving us precious hours, the accuracy of the system carries on more stability to the cows and increased milk production."


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