Dome Roof FAQ's

What size (diameters) are available?
We manufacture domes with diameters of 10' 0" to 30' 0" in 2 foot increments.
What materials/colors are available?
Acrylic coated Galvalume known as Galvalume Plus and over 20 colors in flurocarbon (Kynar) coatings. Also available is having the surface powder coated.
Can I install it myself?
Anyone with a little common knowledge of construction and a few simple tools can assemble a Hanson Dome.
Can I paint the dome?
Yes. You can paint our basic white material with proper preparation. However, we can manufacture a dome from a choice of more than 20 year Kynar Coatings and powder coat colors.
Can I specify a custom size dome?
We have 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30, roofs available. Contact us if these sizes do not fit your need.
Does it attach to a sub frame?
No, the roof does not attach to a sub frame. It is self supporting and attaches to a mounting bracket.
How do I attach it to my structure?
You simply need to provide a circular wall plate to receive and support the roof. We will supply an anchoring systems best suited for the structure, or make your own.
How are they shipped?
The roofs are made up of individual pie shaped wedges that are bundled, packaged and crated for shipment by commercial carrier to the location of your choice.
Are they weatherproof?
Domes can be weather proofed by the installer by simply applying a clear caulk at each rib and or a foam weather strip between the rib joints and roof cap.
Can I insulate a dome roof?
A sprayed on foam insulation can be used but the preferred method is to place a slightly smaller dome under the main dome. This allows room for insulation, wiring, etc along with an interior view of the roof.
What is the wind and snow load rating?
While no specific load ratings are available, this style of dome roof has been manufactured for more than 70 years. Hundreds of domes have been installed in heavy snow country, such as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Quebec. In high wind areas, we recommend and have available reinforcing structures.
Where are the domes manufactured?
The domes are made in the same building they were invented in at our headquarters of Lake Lillian, MN.
Are other shapes besides dome roofs available?
We build half dome roofs from the same material and color options as domes as shown on the photos page.


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